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Batwoman #21 A Killer Killer Croc story!


There’s been a lot of talk lately around the What’cha Reading bullpen about crossovers, event comics, what constitutes a good story. You know the same stuff everybody talks about… Right? Well this week I was reminded what a good story feels like.

BW_Cv21_tw64tsuhi4_Batwoman 21 is what I call a loose end story. After a big plot-line comes to an end you’re always left with a few unanswered questions, what happened to so and so and the like. After Batwoman and Wonder Woman defeated Medusa it left a lot of things in the air and Killer Croc was one of them.

Defeated as the Hydra and left for dead, Waylon (Killer Croc) Jones was found and nursed back by a mysterious cult. A cult with a purpose, to kill Batwoman!

Williams III and Blackman have done amazing things with Batwoman and this issue is no different. Take the usual great story telling and add in Francesco Francavilla’s creepy and engaging art and you have a sure-fire winner.

I highly recommend adding Batwoman to your pull list, I just hope the series lasts…

Batwoman (2011-) #21
Writer: Williams, J. H.
Artist: Francavilla, Francesco
Cover Artist: Williams, J. H.
Format: FC, 32pg., COMIC
Price: $2.99
UPC: 76194126480602111
On Sale June 19, 2013
Publisher DC Comics
Diamond Id: APR130173

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  1. Nancy Mathews on

    I had such a hard time getting into this title. I loved when Rucka wrote it and I tried to read the issues when Williams took over but I found myself just skimming over the words and soaking up his amazing art. I gave up on the series in the end.

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