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Review – Batwoman #2 – J.H. Williams (Co-Writer & Artist) W. Haden Blackman (Co-Writer)


Batwoman #2 – J.H. Williams (Co-Writer & Artist) W. Haden Blackman (Co-Writer)

When DC made it official that they were rebooting every decent title in the line I was as concerned, angry, hell I was as insulted as everyone else. Batwoman was one of the books I really enjoyed! They had really just gotten it right! They can’t change it now!
Once again I learn a valuable lesson, sometimes they don’t screw it up.

Kate Cain is back and none of her recent back story has changed. Survivor of a kidnapping that took her mother’s life and the disappearance of her twin sister, she joined the army (just like Daddy) was expelled from West Point under “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”. She then became the vigilante known as Batwoman and is kicking criminal ass all over Gotham!

This is the next part of the “Hydrology” story arc and it’s action packed right from page 1. She’s investigating deaths caused by a spirit? an entity? Something they’re calling the “Weeping Woman” who seems to suck the very air from her victims, all of which are children. If that wasn’t enough she’s fighting random crime and dodging the D.E.O., a weird government agency bent on unmasking her.

The art by J.H. Williams is nothing short of breathtaking and the panel layout is unique and really moves the story. Williams and Blackman have a great book on their hands, let’s see if they’re allowed to keep it that way.

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