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Batman v. Superman Statues of Justice!

Batman v. Superman Statues of Justice!

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While we are still a day away from the start of San Diego Comic Con, DC Collectibles held an event for their upcoming line of products and three major reveals were the statues for the March 2016th film, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Here is your first look at the three announced statues.  If you’re attending SDCC, you will find these on display at the DC Collectibles booth.

Batstatue Supermanstatue


The three statues stand at 12″ tall and feature a sculpt by James Marsano.  They will go on sale this January (a date that seems to be the general month that the majority of merchandise will release) and retail at $150.

It’s an extreme pleasure to present these statues to you as the Batman statue was one I had the privilege of seeing earlier this year at NY Toy Fair.

Stay tuned for more information.


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