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“Batman v. Superman” IMAX Special Event – Were you there?


"Batman v. Superman" IMAX Special Event - Were you there?

4.20.15 – For fans of the DC Comics icons, Batman and Superman, this date will be remembered for a very special reason: the “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” IMAX Screening Event!  After the first teaser trailer for the film was leaked Friday, April 17th , Warner Bros. decided to post earlier than expected.  The teaser for “Batman v. Superman” was originally reserved for IMAX audiences today at a special screening starting at 7 pm.  Tickets were given out on a free, first come, first served basis through www.batmanvsupermandawnofjustice.com and extremely limited.  Those lucky enough to sign up were rewarded this evening with an event that did justice to the dawn of the next chapter in the DC Comics film saga.

The first teaser was released on the evening of April 17th in full HD.  Director Zack Snyder took to Twitter to speak out on a cell phone quality recording vs. a full HD presentation.  While many fans were disappointed to see the trailer leak as they were promised to see it first at select IMAX theaters on April 20th, Snyder promised those in attendance something worth their time.

2015-04-20 19.54.07

Many energetic and enthusiastic fans began lining up at theaters to guarantee their place at the special event, but were asked by theater patrons that they were not allowed to start lining up until 6:15 pm.  This didn’t discourage fans as they remained in close proximity to “hang out” and take to social media to express their excitement.  As lines quickly formed, those working the event passed out the first pieces of “swag” as Snyder promised on Twitter, and it became very clear that for those that were able to come to the event, it’d be well worth it.  The cards handed out served as both tickets to those in line, but also advance tickets to see the film a week before it’s release in March 2016.  Fans were asked to fill out and legibly print their contact information as they will be notified as to the specifics of when the advance screenings will be held.  As the ticket said “Thank you for attending tonight’s event.  This certificate entitles bearer to a single ‘Admit One’ ticket to a preview screening of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice at this theater the week prior to the film’s opening in March 2016.”  The workers then collected these and fans got ready to see the special presentation of the teaser trailer.


The new footage, tagged at the end of the original teaser, picked up right where Batman and Superman were about to fight.  We saw a close up of the Man of Steel running.  It’s raining and as soon as the shot goes wide, we see Batman charging towards him.  He’s in the armored suit and his arms are stretched and ready to battle Superman.  Superman with his fists in a huge ball is just about ready to clash with The Dark Knight before the scene cuts to the title card.  The crowd erupted with applause at the screening and sight of two giants about to clash for the first time in cinematic history!  Also, it’s worth noting that Zack Snyder’s fight plays out almost nearly like the now classic shot in “Injustice.”

Kevin, self proclaimed “movie nerd”, holding two of the free posters.


The Warner Bros. event for “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” turned out to be a huge success just as everyone had thought.  Matt, from New York said “The last scene they added to the trailer for this IMAX event gave me chills.  Why do we have to wait until next March?”  Diego, of Long Island, when asked about if attending an event for just a trailer was worth it offered “Exclusive trailer scene, free preview screening ticket for the movie, and these two posters.  Damn worth coming to a theater to watch a trailer.”  Many, if not everyone, left the theater once again taking to social media.  But this time it wasn’t to wait out their time to line up for a trailer.  This time it was to wait out the next 339 days until “Batman v. Superman” opens on March 25, 2015.

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*This event was held at AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 in New York City.  The IMAX screen at Lincoln Center is the biggest in New York and the second biggest in the country.

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