Batman #35 - Engame Part 1 Gets 5 Out of 5! Threat Level: After Con ~ What'cha Reading?

Batman #35 – Engame Part 1 Gets 5 Out of 5! Threat Level: After Con

*Editor’s Note: Because of NYCC our resident TLW scribe was working the booth (with the Royal Collectibles crew) and didn’t get a Threat Level out, so we’re posting his reviews individually from last week. Enjoy! -Chuck (Editor Monkey)

Batman #35 - Engame Part 1 Gets 5 Out of 5! Threat Level: After Con

Batman #35
w. Scott Snyder
a. Greg Capullo

5 out 5 Space Monkeys!

Why? Simply because, somehow, DC, Snyder and Capullo did the impossible for this day and age of the internet, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, et al. :

They kept a secret! ( But there are some mild SPOILERS below but you read this LAST week right??? )

Endgame is going to go down as one of those perennial favorite arcs that get sold in trades for years to come. There is not much more I can say about this awesome creative that hasn’t been said countless times before across both the digital and spoken word realms, but I will say this:

Thank You!

Thank you for keeping the surprise villain a secret, thank you for writing and drawing the best ongoing Batman run in decades, and thanks for making me feel like a kid again when I got to that last page. And thanks for the smoke and mirrors, focusing everyone’s attention on that one page of a handless Batman, battling cybernetic eyeball squids with two sidekicks. Nice sleight of hand ( pun really intended), sending everyone atwitter ( that’s a pun too! ) with speculation and the usual maniac fanboy online ranting. I’m sure there were a bunch of bloggers severely disappointed when they hit that page.

You guys rock.

Taking place after Batman:Eternal, we get a glimpse of Batman’s operations in the near future. Taking over the skyscraper headquarters of the Court of Owls as his new Batcave ( the first one with a window, as Julia Pennyworth points out ), Julia (Alfred’s daughter) stepping up to take her father’s place as Batman’s home base coordinator/nurse/IT department while Alfred recuperates from his forced overdose of the Scarecrow’s fear toxin ( injected directly into his brain by Hush over in B:E ), and Bruce also recovering from somewhat more physical damage.
A rare idle moment between Bruce and the Pennyworths is suddenly interrupted by an attack on the Tower…by Wonder Woman. Their intent solely on killing him, Batman enacts the Fenrir Protocol when he realizes it’s not just Diana…it’s the whole Justice League, with no real explanation why.
But Snyder and Capullo shows why Batman is the man…preparedness!
Equipped with all the tools he needs ( mystical artifact to take out Wonder Woman, inside a suit of armor, advanced tracking system to target the Flash, a dehydrating bonding foam to stop Aquaman) , but can he take down Superman? It’s upon the Man of Steel’s arrival, and the few clues he drops that Batman puts it all together… the villain behind the Justice Leagues betrayal is…..

Nahhhhh…… Go read the book yourself! ( or look at one of those other websites that LIKE to spoil things!)

This is truly the Endgame, all rules are out the window. No one is safe.

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