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A Batlight on Superman’s Role in Batman v. Superman!


A Batlight on Superman's Role in Batman v. Superman!

More and more information has come out about Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice since Entertainment Weekly posted their SDCC preview magazine last Friday.  We covered that here.  As we near closer to the start of this week’s San Diego Comic Con, fans are bound to learn more about one of 2016’s mostly highly anticipated of movies.  Today, Henry Cavill (Superman) went on to say a little more about his character and my favorite super-hero/comic book, specifically speaking on the cinematic future of said character.

After 2013’s Man of Steel, many speculated on a sequel announcement during that summer’s San Diego Comic Con.  Much to the surprise of everyone, Director Zack Snyder and actor Harry Lennix (Gen. Swanwick from Man of Steel) announced Batman v. Superman (a then unannounced film title with just the logo we’ve become familiar with.)  For two summers, movie and comic fans have debated on whether Batman v. Superman is a proper sequel to Man of Steel or its own entity set in the same world as the 2013 film.  Henry Cavill has clarified this by saying:

superman“As far as the individual character is concerned, this is not a Superman sequel.  It’s more of an introduction to Batman, an opening to Justice League, and an expansion of the world that was created in Man of Steel.”  (Entertainment Weekly: Batman v. Superman star Henry Cavill talks Dawn of Justice plot by Keith Staskiewicz July 6 2015)

For fans such as myself, that may come as a bit of disappointing news, but fear not.  Henry Cavill is Superman, a hero that embodies hope, and went on to say:

“There’s plenty of time for individual Superman sequels.  He’s a tough character to tell.  People like the darker vigilante.  I think it speaks to the human psyche more easily rather than the god-like being that we can’t really understand.  Once we have a more expansive universe we can delve more into the character of Superman and hopefully tell more stories.” (Entertainment Weekly: Batman v. Superman star Henry Cavill talks Dawn of Justice plot by Keith Staskiewicz July 6 2015)

In many ways, the situation regarding Batman v. Superman and the March 2016 follow up to 2013’s Man of Steel seems to follow way of this particular path that many fans will recognize.  Captain America: The First Avenger released July of 2011 and was seen again in 2012’s The Avengers, with a proper sequel in 2014’s The Winter Soldier.  For fans of Captain America, at the time of 2011, it must have been an excruciating wait for his inevitable sequel.  But, it did happen and we got one of the best films of 2014.  For fans of Man of Steel, and those waiting to see Superman fly solo again, I don’t believe you need to worry.  It’s clear that the character is being used as the catalyst for the DC Universe on film and for Dawn of Justice and Justice League: Part One.  Until SDCC clarifies more of the film, Ben Affleck (Batman) and Zack Snyder did go on to reveal:

zack-snyder“I was surprised because that’s the thesis of Superman for me, that you can’t just have superheroes knock around and have there be no consequences,” says Snyder.  The director says he had always intended for the dead to be counted.  Indeed, Batman v Superman addresses these concerns head-on—Superman’s victims serve as Batman’s impetus to take him down. “One of the things I liked was Zack’s idea of showing accountability and the consequences of violence and seeing that there are real people in those buildings,” says Ben Affleck, who plays Batman. “And in fact, one of those buildings was Bruce Wayne’s building so he knew people who died in that Black Zero event.”   (Entertainment Weekly: The Man of Steel ending… Zack Snyder makes his case by Keith Staskiewicz July 4 2015)

Until this Saturday’s Batman v. Superman panel at Hall H, we have only a few details to speculate on.  It is a near certainty that the Ben Affleck and Hnery Cavill film will have more light shed on it after the SDCC weekend.  However, as a Superman fan, I am not worried.  When I start to, then maybe you should panic.

*Quotes courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

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