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Hold Still for Barb Wire issue 6!


Hold still so Barb Wire can beat you some more!

Cover by Adam Hughes. Image courtesy of Dark Horse Comics.

Adam Hughes, one of the greatest artists working today, has a way with covers.  His work stands out and is recognizably his own.  Earlier this summer when I saw Dark Horse Comics relaunch Barb Wire the first thing I noticed was the Adam Hughes cover.  Barb Wire, an early 90’s comic book character best known for being a poorly received film starring Pamela Anderson (Lee at the time), was never a character I had much interest in nor read.  The only memory I really have of the Chris Warner created character was of the film advertisement on the back of my Terminator comics by Dark Horse.  In seeing Adam Hughes rendition of Barb Wire as more of a real-world woman, as opposed to the “scantily clad, way too busty girl in leather brandishing a giant pistol” of the 90’s, the new Dark Horse Comics title seemed worth reading.

bw2n6p1Jumping into Barb Wire issue 6, regardless if you’ve read the previous issues, feels more like a DC Comics heroine than of “a vapid, hyper sexualized” one.  Chris Warner begins the story with her being interrogated after being nabbed by “a group of blue-suited agents from an unnamed organization.”  Barb Wire actually comes off more as a scene from season one of True Detective.  Not having read the original stories I can’t say how much this new series, volume 2, compares to the originals, but issue 6 is worth picking up if you’re looking for something new.

Issue 6 consists mostly of a flashback to the early days of Barb Wire working as a bounty hunter.  She’s going after Avram Roman, a character we know only as “maybe the most dangerous man” and someone her once-mentor now rival O’Brien is also after.  The action is paced very well with Patrick Olliffe on pencils, Tom Nguyen on inks, and Wes Dzioba on colors.

Getting readers into comic series they haven’t already been reading is a difficult task.  However, many times it’s fun to just pick up a comic for enjoyment without any prior engagement to an ongoing story arc or continuity.  It’s something I’d do when I was younger and I still like to do it today.  Dark Horse Comics’ Barb Wire is the perfect kind of issue that one could pick up and enjoy.  It’s a lot of fun and miles away from the 90’s movie.

Barb Wire issue 6 is out now and gets four stars.

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Grilled like a tough steak by mysterious federal agents, Barb Wire recounts her very first solo bounty hunt. What looks like an easy-money walk in the park quickly turns to a holy-@#$% run for survival as Barb discovers that her skip is hot property . . . and his pursuers don’t play!

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