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Bandai Shines with the new Miraculous Line at Toy Fair


Bandai Shines with the new Miraculous Line at Toy FairBandai Co., Ltd. has been one of Japan’s biggest and most famous toy companies since it was founded in 1950.  It has become well recognized here in America for its products featuring the popular characters Mega Man, Gundam and Dragon ball Z, to name a few.  At Toy Fair this weekend, Bandai proudly showed off its new lines of products and they did not cease to amaze.  Sarah did an excellent job organizing and the sales reps gave an excellent presentation.  The attendees were split into two groups each covering one of Bandai’s product rooms.  My group started in the room featuring old favorites like Sailor Moon and Dragonball Z and a newcomer to the group, the characters of the TV show, Miraculous.


Miraculous00 (1)Miraculous is the story of a young teenager named Marinette who is just an ordinary girl dealing with school and a crush on a boy named Adrien.  When there is trouble, she transforms into Ladybug and fights crime with the help of Adrien as Cat Noir.  There was a wide array of products including toys, clothes, costumes and school supplies.  The toys started out with basic action figures of civilian Marinette and Adrien as well as Ladybug Marinette and Cat Noir Adrien.  The next set was Jump and Fly Ladybug where she swings from her compact which sticks onto a hard surface.  Catastrophe Cat Noir has twisting action to represent him swinging his claws.  One toy young girls will enjoy is Flying Ladybug where she is launched by pulling a string on the base, which is shaped like the Eiffel Tower to represent the show being set in Paris.  Another fun toy was the Ladybug Light Wheel where Ladybug is placed in the middle of a wheel which lights up when it is rolled.  There was a basket which contained Miraculous-themed stationery and make-up.  The Compact Caller allows the child to “call” the characters by putting a card in the compact, pressing a button, talking and hearing a voice response back.  There is even a feature where the character on the card will “call” the child.  The Be Marinette and Ladybug dress-up set comes with Marinette’s purse and Ladybug’s signature red and black polka-dot gloves and mask.  There is just so much great stuff for Miraculous including dolls, a game and a DVD.

Miraculous00 (6) Miraculous00 (8) Miraculous00 (7)

While Miraculous was center stage, there was a new line of toys called Hatch ‘n Heroes, which to me was a genius thing to come up with.  The way the toy works is it starts in either an egg shell, if you buy the egg carton pack or the shape of an egg if you buy the individual character.  The character then unfolds into its natural shape so it can be played with, then folds back into the egg to be put away.  Disney was heavily represented through Cars, Toy Story, Big Hero 6, The Good Dinosaur and Finding Dory.  There was a model kit called Sprukits that can be built into one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or a character from Halo or LBX (Little Battlers Experience).  Naruto Shippuden is still going strong with a new line of action figures and even Sailor Moon is back with jewelry, desktop figurines, compacts and even the moon sticks used in the show.  Shonen Jump One Piece is a line of figures based on the anime about a world inhabited by humans and other life forms completely surrounded by water. Dragonball Z is always popular and new figurines of its popular characters were on display which look incredible.

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Bandai is a great company and has so much to offer.  There were many products I knew and many others I saw for the first time but all of them impressed me.  Thank you to the Bandai staff for the organization and tour.  There was so much to see and take in and this was only one out of two rooms I was in.  There will be much more to come on Bandai.  For more information on these products, visit

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