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Bandai Has The “Power” At Toy Fair


Over the weekend at Toy Fair, I was given the opportunity to meet with Bandai has they gave us a peek at the new products they have in store for the coming year.  There were two large rooms full of toys and other products.  I Dino Supercharge Sabre 01started in the room featuring the hit TV show Miraculous, Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z among others (you can read more here).  There was some great stuff but when I visited the second room, my eyes widened and my jaw dropped.  I had just entered a room promoting the Power Rangers.  The preview started with a media presentation outlining the release date of the newest series, Power Rangers: Dino Supercharge which premiered on Nickelodeon last month, toy release dates and the new movie.  The new line of toys for Dino Supercharge is impressive.  There is a saber which holds up to six dino charger cells; five in a spinning chamber and one in the hilt which provides extra sounds and effects.  There are also new figures and zords on the way including the newest Power Rangers themselves and a black T-Rex zord.

Dragonzord01As I kept walking, my eyes locked on to a black and gold Legacy Dragonzord.  It was a beautiful sight and it reminded me of the original black and gold Megazord I had as a child.  Immediately next to it was another toy my jaw dropped for–the Legacy Falconzord from the movie.  The Legacy Collection, based on the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers series that ran from 1993-1996, features re-releases of the original toys such as the Megazord, Dragonzord, power blaster and morphers such as the original, Tommy’s morpher and Tommy’s movie morpher.  Well, that collection is now expanding with the release of the Legacy Thunderzord, the rest of the movie morphers that are color-coded for each Ranger just like in the movie.  The movie morphers come complete with a belt buckle plate that they attach to so you at home can look like one of the Rangers.  The one Legacy item I could not believe I saw was…wait for it…the communicator.  That’s right a fully-functioning communicator will be released later this year complete with the familiar melody of beeps and lights.  The wrist bands are interchangeable for all six Rangers and seven colors.

FalconzordBandai is such a great company and everything they put out is a hit.  I remember having the original Bandai Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers toys as a child so seeing the Legacy Collection gave me a feeling of nostalgia and happiness knowing the memory of the original series will always be there.  I would like to thank the Bandai team for their presentation and knowledge of the products.  I cannot wait to see what’s in the works leading up to the new movie and how long the Legacy Collection will be available. Check out all out images from Bandai’s Power Rangers line below.



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