Bag and Board This Alert: Prometheus Fire & Stone #1 ~ What'cha Reading?

Bag and Board This Alert: Prometheus Fire & Stone #1


Did you pick up Dark Horse’s Prometheus: Fire & Stone #1 this past week? If you did, bag and board that baby, because it has SOLD OUT. If you didn’t, mark October 8th – the date the second printing hits comic stores – down on your calendar and get this title on your pull list NOW so you don’t miss any more issues.

Bag and Board This Alert: Prometheus Fire & Stone #1

The word from Dark Horse:

Dark Horse Comics is proud to announce that Prometheus: Fire and Stone #1 has completely sold out of its entire first printing!

From the Eisner Award–nominated team of writer Paul Tobin and artist Juan Ferreyra (Colder), Prometheus is the first issue in a blockbuster crossover event featuring Aliens, Alien vs. Predator, and Predator.

Tying directly into the 20th Century Fox motion picture, Prometheus, directed by Ridley Scott, which serves as an indirect prequel to the ALIEN franchise, one of the most popular horror/science-fiction/action brands of all-time, having spawned countless films, games, comics, and toys over three decades.

Prometheus: Fire and Stone #1 is the lead-in to the biggest comics crossover events of the year.

The second printing will be available on October 8, 2014 (Diamond Code: AUG148044 STK659111).

About Prometheus: Fire and Stone:
When the Prometheus never returned from her fateful journey to LV-223, the questions surrounding the origins of man went unanswered. Now a new team of explorers seeks to uncover the dark mystery that holds not only the fate of the original mission, but possibly their own damnation.

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  1. Did I call this or what? Straight from the review I did of the preview, I knew this was going to be special. So great to hear this good news.

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