AXIS #1 Gets 4 out of 5 from Threat Level Wednesday! ~ What'cha Reading?

AXIS #1 Gets 4 out of 5 from Threat Level Wednesday!

*Editor’s Note: Because of NYCC our resident TLW scribe was working the booth (with the Royal Collectibles crew) and didn’t get a Threat Level out, so we’re posting his reviews individually from last week. Enjoy! -Chuck (Editor Monkey)

AXIS #1 Gets 4 out of 5 from Threat Level Wednesday!

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Because if you’ve been reading Uncanny Avengers by Remender, you know this is gonna be big. If you haven’t. Sit back. Relax. I’ll fill you in on the deets……
rspxWay back in UA#1, The Unity Team, consisting of a mix of Avengers and X-Men, faced their first real threat…. the Red Skull. The Nazi madman had seized the body of the recently deceased Professor X, and after some post mortem surgery, grafted parts of Xavier’s brain to his own, inheriting the Professor’s vast mental powers. Gathering mutants under his cause ( easy to do when your the world’s most powerful telepath ), The Red Skull nearly destroyed the fledgling team and narrowly escaped after the mix of humans and mutants began to work together.
Then a bunch of stuff happened with the Apocalypse Twins, Vengeful Celestials, Kang, Immortus, Thor’s Axe, an Alternate timeline, villains and heroes from across the multiverse, everyone died and Havok’s face got messed up bad.uncanny-havok-two-face

Meanwhile, the Red Skull continued to establish a power base with his new found mutant abilities. Setting up a mutant “re-education” camp ( hey… he is a Nazi, whadya expect??? ) in the fallen country of Genosha, converting captive mutants to his side, and building toward a human/mutant war that will wipe mutantkind from the earth, leaving him the most powerul being. After capturing Magneto, The Red Skull seemed to seal his fate after the Master of Magnetism was rescued by Rogue, Havok and his daughter , the Scarlet Witch and set forth on a path of vengeance that led to Magneto murdering the twisted Nazi maniac…. or so it seemed.

The Red Skulls “death” was just the next step in his evolution….. into Red Onslaught. A being of pure psionic energy composed of the Red Skull’s personality and Professor Xavier’s supreme mental powers, unfettered by a biological body. Not since the reality warping days of the original Onlsaught (when Professor X absorbed all the evil within Magneto’s mind, and went kinda bonkers ) has the world faced such peril. Can the combined might of the Avengers and The X-Men( which is just about everbody! ) stop Red Onslaught’s rampage across the Earth?

Remender and Kubert are here to show us! Now granted, you can get Adam Kubert to draw paint drying and it would be the most exciting oversized epic you’ve ever read, but when you pair him with Remender….whoah! Remender has a sick imagination ( have you seen those Inversion promos, that stuff is SICK! ), and you can feel the fan-boy seeping out of his dialogue like sap from Plantman. (No really, he’s in this book! ) Marvel has definitey shown an uptick in its recent event books, and this is no exception. Kubert gives us a an artistic bang for every one of Remender’s writing bucks and it’s insane.
It’s just the first issue, but you can see the start of the momentum building excitement that Remender is famous for on every page. His characterization of each character is spot on, and you can see this series is going somewhere and will leave its mark on the Marvel Universe.

Writer: Remender, Rick
Artist: Kubert, Adam
Cover Artist: Cheung, Jim
On Sale October 08, 2014
Publisher Marvel
Diamond Id: AUG140718
Price: $4.99
UPC: 75960608074800111

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