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At Last! Hoax Hunters #10! On Sale Wednesday 9/4


There are some books that seem like they’re always on the stands, like you never really wait, Batman, Batgirl, the X-titles, Avengers, they’re ubiquitous. Maybe it’s just the ridiculous number of titles released each month by the “big two”.


But then there are the ones like Hoax Hunters, they could put this book out weekly and I think I’d still be anticipating every issue. After the really great annual (Hoax Hunters Case Files #1) released in June I was extra excited to see what this chapter was gonna bring.

First I was pleasantly surprised to see T-Rex Jones’ art in this issue, it’s a departure from the style of the previous issues but man it’s amazing! I’m still hoping I can get a copy of the cover he did way back in issue #2. His art in this issue is dark and haunting, it works perfectly with the story.

This is Regan’s story, a fixture in the series since the beginning, she has an interesting power set and it’s never been clear where she’s from or how she got to where she is. Well we finally get the scoop on her past, and it was a rough one. Oh yea there’s also a new threat and it’s a big one. I think it’s going to be an awesome run.

Here are some pages I “appropriated” from artist T-Rex Jones tumblr;

tumblr_moo9rvu2uE1qkz6nso2_500 tumblr_moo9rvu2uE1qkz6nso5_500

tumblr_moo9rvu2uE1qkz6nso3_500tumblr_moo9rvu2uE1qkz6nso4_500 tumblr_moo9rvu2uE1qkz6nso1_500

If you were ever on the fence about whether this book was horror or not these pages should answer that question nicely. This is some beautifully disturbing stuff. If you haven’t gotten a taste of this series yet this is the perfect time to dig in.

Verdict? 4 out of 5 Go buy it.

Hoax Hunters #10
Writer: Moreci, Michael
Artist: Jones, Tristan
Cover Artist: Jones, Tristan
Format: COMIC
Price: $3.50
UPC: 70985301170501011
On Sale: September 04, 2013
Publisher: Image
Diamond Id: JUL130526

‘THE BOOK OF MOTHMAN’ Part One The start of the final arc of season one begins here! Featuring new series artist TRISTAN JONES! Cryptids begin appearing across the country. Regan joins Donovan to confront a powerful demon in South America. Tensions build and threats heighten, all leading to the season’s powerful conclusion.


Psst, here’s a peek at the cover from issue #2 I mentioned…

You can buy a print of this or the cover to HH #10 at T-Rex storeĀ

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