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Assassin’s Creed issue 4 is Bewitching!


Assassin’s Creed issue 4 is bewitching.  Want to know why?

Titan Assassins_Creed_Cover A_#4_DAVID LAFUENTE

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The clock is ticking Charlotte has a bad feeling that she just can’t shake. When another visit to Tom’s memories reveals a horrifying truth, it’s the blow that finally transforms her in to a true Assassin as she puts aside her own safety for the good of the Brotherhood…

The newest issue of Assassin’s Creed continues the adventures of Thomas Stoddard and Jennifer Querry in 1692 Salem as they are held captive by Samuel Parris who is determined to end witchcraft in the colony.  Back in the present day, Xavier, Galina, Charlotte and Kody are on the run from Abstergo.  Charlotte is getting closer to an answer while Xavier and Galina find a tea shop that is a front for templars and Abstergo.  As Querry and Stoddard try to free themselves and the two children they tried to protect on their journey, Charlotte realizes something is about to go very wrong as Xavier and Charlotte begin their raid.

AC#4 Art Preview 1 AC#4 Art Preview 2

Anthony Del Col and Connor McCreery once again deliver a solid story which is exciting, suspenseful and sticks to the spirit of the franchise as a whole.  Neil Edwards brings the comic to life with vivid illustrations that bring 1692 Salem to life in the modern world.  David LaFuente’s cover art bridges the two worlds together as we see Charlotte wearing modern clothes but possessing the wristblade and “leap of faith” ability of a Brotherhood assassin.  It’s very attention-grabbing and a brilliant creation in general.

AC#4 Art Preview 3

Next issue is the conclusion of the “Trial By Fire” story and I am eager to read it.  It doesn’t get any better when historical fiction meets adventure and suspense.  The comic can appeal to gamers, history buffs and general comic book fans alike.  The post-story description of events in real-life Salem, 1692 is a good touch and helps put the story in context; giving insight into the subject for those who may just be reading the comic for the first time or want to learn more about Salem and the Witch Trials.

Assassin’s Creed issue #4 gets five stars.  You could find my review of Assassin’s Creed issue #3 here.

The fourth issue can be purchased in comic shops around the world this Wednesday (January 13th).  To find a comic shop nearest to where you live, please visit


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