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Ashes Comes To Z2 Comics!


Ashes Comes To Z2 Comics!Z2 Comics, publisher of books by Paul Pope and Dean Haspiel, is bringing us Ashes: A Firefighter’s Tale!

Matt always had an easygoing life. Girls liked him, his friends were more like family, and being a firefighter came naturally. Then the accident happened. Now, after the loss of his leg, Matt struggles to cope with his new handicap as he attempts to rebuild his shattered family and once budding career. A riveting tale about perseverance, hard work, and overcoming the odds, ASHES is a gripping tale told in stunning black and white.

I was lucky enough to read this one a while ago and it is (as I said in my review) “a really intense, beautifully drawn graphic novel… fraught with emotion.” I have the unfortunate distinction of having lost a friend who was a firefighter years ago and it’s something you never forget, couple that with a very close personal knowledge of the type of injury Matt suffers I can tell you this book speaks to both experiences with heart, clarity, and real emotion. Check out a preview:

Ashes Preview 1 Ashes Preview 2

Ashes Preview 3 Ashes Preview 4

For a few more pages (shh don’t tell no one!) check out our previous review

It’s worth mentioning that while this graphic novel was completed in 2013 it has undergone some changes for this printing with Z2. Originally the language was a little mature, this has been tempered to be more accessible to all ages. The entire graphic novel has been relettered by Zakk Saam, you may have seen his work in the Unlawful Good Anthology or one of our favorites Andrew Jackson in Space. Ivan Plascencia (Astonishing Wolf-Man, Assassins Creed) tackled re-coloring the cover and Taylor Esposito (letterer at DC Comics, former production artist/digital compositor for Marvel Entertainment) is handling the new logo and credit designs.

 This book is a five out of five! We’ll post pre-order info as soon as we get it!

ASHES: A FIREFIGHTER’S TALE written by Mario Candelaria with art by Karl Slominski.

(September 22, 2015; $19.99; 120 pages; black and white)

“Mario Candelaria excavates the universal truths from everyday life.” – Dean Haspiel (AMERICAN SPLENDOR; THE ALCOHOLIC)

About the creators of ASHES:


MarioMario Candelaria (Unlawful Good, Epilogue) is a writer and stand-up comedian who is constantly on the lookout for new and imaginative ways to bring an authentic perspective into his work. Originally hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Mario currently resides in suburban Philadelphia where he spends his days honing his craft and trying to figure out what exactly a “Wawa” is.


karlKarl Slominski began drawing comics as soon as his tiny, claw-like hand could grasp a pen. A graduate of The Joe Kubert School of Cartooning and Graphic Art, Slominski’s prolific DIY inksplatterings have contributed to film & TV as well as illustrating the graphic novels Tad Caldwell & The Monster Kid, Golgotha, and Run Like Hell. He lives on voracious intake of black coffee, rock n’ roll, and love.


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