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Calling All Artists and Graphic Designers!


I need help! It seems I’ve hit a kind of weird moment in life. I saw a blurb from one of my reviews on a publisher’s site! It was amazing! Then I noticed it was attributed to my name Chuck Suffel and next to that was my profile pic.

Not very professional.

So I’m hoping one of the many artists and graphic designers I know would be willing to put together a logo for me. I can’t afford to pay much but you’d get full credit on the site not to mention you’d have my undying gratitude. Talking your greatness up to anyone who’ll listen goes without saying of course. I’m doing this as a post because I really don’t want to put anyone on the spot by asking them specifically.

The site’s name is “Whatcha’ Reading” or The site focus is comics (duh), reviews, and interviews.

I appreciate any and all input, don’t hesitate to post idea in the comments as well.

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