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“Armor Wars” – Another Galactus sized event from Marvel!


Since the 2008 film, “Iron Man”, everyone’s favorite armored avenger has been at the forefront of all things Marvel Comics.

After numerous teases stemming out of last week’s New York Comic Con, Marvel has made another announcement sure to get fans excited.  “Armor Wars” is coming summer 2015.

Billionaire, playboy, genius, Tony Stark is set to face a redo of a classic storyarc from the 80’s.  Who will he be facing?  What exactly is the nature of this “Armor Wars”?  We don’t know, but from the artwork revealed, it sure looks like a Galactus sized event! Just look at the cover, does Iron Man have a new suit – a Galactus armor?

Get ready to suit up and charge your arc reactors for “Armor Wars” in Summer 2015.

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