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Armor Hunters: Aftermath #1- Is the world ready for The Valiant?


Armor Hunters: Aftermath #1- Is the world ready for The Valiant?

Art by CAFU
Cover by DIEGO BERNARD (AUG141710)
Variant Cover by BRENT PEEPLES (AUG141711)
Variant Cover by MICO SUAYAN (AUG141712)

$3.99 | T+ | 32 pgs. | ON SALE 10/1/14

AH_AFTER_001_VARIANT_SUAYANThe epic battle for the fate of the earth, came to a startling conclusion with Armor Hunters #4 last week, and its effects on the Valiant Universe are vast and far-reaching. Mexico City Destroyed. London in ruins. The Unity team pushed to the limit of survival. X-O Manowar, clinging to life, the very nature of the armor permanently changed. The Renegades and Generation Zero out in public, saving lives and being heroes. Bloodshot, after gaining his freedom, finds a new home and place to do good.

With the Armor Hunters destroyed, and the war over, Governments rush to capitalize on the alien tech, and shifts in power that occurred as a result of the alien invasion and assault, while the media wages it’s own war with the World’s newest celebrities.
Are the heroes of the Valiant Universe strong enough to pull the world together in an era of Alien invasions, superpowered beings and unstoppable killing machines? Will they be able to handle the public scrutiny now that the earth’s populace is aware of the superhuman community? Are the people ready for them?

Find out in Armor Hunters : Aftermath 1-shot by Valiant architect and Armor Hunters writer Robert Venditti and fan favorite action artist Cafu, this week from Valiant.


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