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Archon – It’s Real Man! It’s All Real!!!


Archon - It's Real Man! It's All Real!!!Confession time! It’s good for the soul and all that right? I… have never played Dungeons and Dragons! I’ve never played any paper and pen rpg’s. To be totally honest, I’ve never played any rpg’s really. Not DnD, not World of Warcraft, not even the later versions of Call of Duty (which have crossed from shooter to role-playing IMO) none of it. I did read a fair amount of DnD novels back in the day but the role-playing aspect never worked for me. I read, watched movies and tv, played video games to be lost in the story, that suspension of disbelief doesn’t work for me when I’m rolling dice, picking what card I should attack with, or coordinating my squad in my drop down menus. The disconnect between what is happening on the screen, or at the table, and the reality of the mechanisms to make it happen just leave me uninterested.

That makes me the perfect target for Archon! What starts out as a homage to the world Archon_01-2of Dungeons and Dragons type game play transitions to something much more real.

Archon appears to be the story of ex-Army single dad Gareth Thompson (odd first name for a dude in 1981 don’t you think?) After being discharged from the army with nothing but the clothes on his back, and a daughter whose mother has deserted them, he heads to Vegas for a job at a new casino. The casino is The Archon Hotel and Casino a medieval fantasy themed joint that looks like it has all the bells and whistles. But when Gareth arrives he immediately notices this place is a lot more than it seem. And by that last page reveal the reader is wondering just what in the heck is going on in Las Vegas in the 80’s and can I see more?

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 Likeable hero, strange situation, a daughter to protect, this could be a great series. The first issue is of course a first issue, meet he characters show some plot but it’s well done and I found myself surprised when I hit the last page. Here’s hoping the plot lives up to the promise.

You can find Archon #1 at you local comic shop on August 12th…

Archon #1
Writer: Perez, John J.
Artist: Maccagni, Marco
Cover Artist: Maccagni, Marco
Price: $3.99
UPC: 70238269104200111
On Sale: August 12, 2015
Publisher: Action Lab
Diamond Id: JUN150854

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