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Archie #7 – #WhatDidReggieDo


Archie #7This week sees the release of issue 7 of Mark Waid and Veronica Fish’s “Archie.”  As we get closer to The CW Riverdale series and more news comes out regarding one of our most anticipated shows, the monthly “Archie” comic, along with “Jughead”, have only gotten more enjoyable and exciting to read.  We’ve enjoyed Mark Waid’s Archie reboot since issue one when Fiona Staples was on the title and it’s still one of our favorite series (certainly mine) seven months later.  With Veronica Fish on board, “Archie” feels even closer now to the original tease of the series and remains as our pick of the week/month once again.

“Archie” issue 7, out this Wednesday (4/6th), ties in all the best elements of the series – Archie having girl problems, Archie being clumsy, Archie day-dreaming… We even have Mark Waid develop a new buzzword for the series – #WhatDidReggieDo which seems like it could be a fun follow up to the first story arc’s #LipstickIncident.  However, my favorite aspect of Mark Waid and Veronica Fish’s Archie issue 7 is, undoubtedly, Reggie Mantle III.

“I really enjoy drawing Reggie because his presence shakes everybody up,” said Fish. “He makes good characters like Betty and Archie do things they wouldn’t otherwise.  He is also super layered, and not just a one-dimensional villain.”

Veronica Fish does an amazing job at keeping each panel and page of “Archie” fresh, hip, and modern; while she follows in the art lines of Fiona Staples and Annie Wu, Fish makes “Archie” very much her own while keeping the series in the same tone of what has come before.  It’s also very apparent how much fun Fish has drawing Reggie as he’s a big part of the series and is just as “super layered” as she had previously said.

Archie #7

“Archie” issue 7 is very expressive, especially in the way Veronica Fish uses emoticon like thought bubbles and faces to convey the feelings of the character.  It’s an interesting technique that makes Archie come across as a more indie-flavored title as opposed to the arguably mainstream nature of the series.  Case in point?  The decidedly non Marvelous DC fans out there will love “Archie”, just as much as those that do.  I’m an “Archie” guy; Archie Comics current slate of titles are all on my pull list and one of the main books I continually look forward to!

Archie #7So, what is “Archie” issue 7 about?  Hiram Lodge, Veronica’s father, hires Reggie Mantle as a consultant to dig up the dirt on all would-be threats to the Lodge family.  Archie desperately looking for a way to foil Reggie turns to Reggie’s father- a newspaper man – for work.  Archie being Archie, we all know how his new job will turn out.  Oh, and Archie caught Betty holding hands with a new guy.  And he’s jealous!

Mark Waid’s script for “Archie” issue 7 smartly blends elements from Chip Zdarsky’s “Jughead” into it such as a sly reference to The Man from R.I.V.E.R.D.A.L.E. that fans of Jughead will immediately pick up on.  It’s little flourishes like this to the comic book that make it so much fun and inviting to pick up the related series.

If I were to give up on reading a majority of the titles on my pull list, it’s safe to say that Mark Waid and Veronica Fish’s “Archie” would still be on it…

…along with Chip Zdarksy’s “Jughead.” But this is “Archie” issue 7 we’re talking about.  America’s favorite boyfriend.  Not The Man From R.I.V.E.R.D.A.L.E.

“Archie” #7 is out now and gets five crowns!

Archie #7ARCHIE #7
Script: Mark Waid
Art: Veronica Fish, Andre Szymanowicz, Jen Vaughn, Jack Morelli
Archie #7 CVR A Reg Cover: Veronica Fish
Archie #7 CVR B Variant: Djibril Morissette-Phan
Archie #7 CVR C Variant: Marguerite Sauvage
On Sale Date: 4/6
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

Hiram Lodge finally learns who his daughter, Veronica, is dating. And when he realizes that it’s the boy who destroyed their mansion-to-be, his resulting rage will upend the entire town of Riverdale in this next installment of the best-selling all-new ARCHIE series!


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