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Archie #6 Gets An Early Preview!



Thanks to our friends at Archie Comics, we have an early preview of Archie #6.  Releasing February 17th, the Mark Waid and Veronica Fish series continues into the new year, following the further misadventures of Archie Andrews and friends.

Archie6_001 Archie6_002

Archie6_003 Archie6_004

Archie is one of our favorite comic books; the Mark Waid reboot was our top pick of 2015 and remains as our must read of 2016.  We can’t wait to read issue #6 and the preview already has us anticipating what Mark Waid and Veronica Fish have in store for us fans in the coming weeks.

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Mark Waid and Veronica fish knock ARCHIE #6 out of the park in this early preview!

Archie#6CharmVar Archie#6Sauvagevar


The biggest comic series of the year continues into 2016! Archie and Jughead are on the outs with each other, and now Archie has no one to help him against the fury that is Hiram Lodge!  Not even Veronica wants to go up against her own father!​ Rising star comics artist Veronica Fish (Howard the Duck, the RIVERDALE CW promo image) joins the legendary Mark Waid for another brand new issue of the hit series!

Script: Mark Waid
Art: Veronica Fish, Andre Szymanowicz, Jen Vaughn, Jack Morelli
Archie #6 CVR A Reg Cover: Veronica Fish
Archie #6 CVR B Variant: Derek Charm
Archie #6 CVR C Variant: Marguerite Sauvage
On Sale Date: 2/17
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

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