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Archer & Armstrong #16 – Sect Civil War = Worldwide Armageddon



AA_016_VARIANT_WALSHAs You can see; Archer & Armstrong are in neck deep in trouble. The Sect, a worldwide society of …well Secret Societies had begun to splinter, The killer nuns of The Sisters of Perpetual Darkness, the 1% , the Master Builders and other various groups within the Sect have gone to war with each other, after the careful machinations of The Bloc, a group of former Sect members gone Anarchist.

Now as evil as the various Sect groups were, the chaos that rocks the world when They arent running things, seems to be worse.  Now once again its up to Archer ( secretly working for Project Rising Spirit) & Armstrong ( fresh off a time travelling pub crawl ) to save the world.

AA_016_COVER_HENRYAll they have to do is recover a relic for PRS, before any one group of the Sect gets their hands on it. I’m sure a secret society would love a mechanism that turns belief into power….. who wouldn’t. And is Archer really going to hand it over to Project Rising Spirit in return for the secrets of his past? and how long does the hangover for a millennia of drinking last?? Find out  on 12/11/13…. wait is that a conspiracy too???




Psssst… check out these preview pages… but be careful They’re watching you………

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Cover by CLAYTON HENRY (OCT131348)
Variant Cover by MICHAEL WALSH (OCT131349)
$3.99/T+/32 pgs.
ON SALE 12/11/13

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