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Archaia’s Mouse Guard/Rust Flip Book is perfect for everyone!


Back when I was trying to engender a love of comics in my now-teenage son, we discovered Mouse Guard. It was perfect for a third grader, and I got a kick out of it, too. It’s an all-ages book that appeals to any and all fantasy fans, never talking down to younger audiences, yet never feeling like the dreaded kids’ book. If you’re a Redwall/Brian Jacques fan, there is no excuse for you not reading this book.

mouse guard-archaia rust-archaia

I was thrilled when Archaia announced that they would have a book on the shelves for Free Comic Book Day this year, and that it would be a flip book at that! David Petersen’s Mouse Guard shares pages with some great short stories that are perfect for cuddling up with your favorite little person and reading, or if you just want to curl up on the couch with a nice cup of coffee (or whatever floats your boat) and enjoy some fun, light storytelling.

In the Mouse Guard tale, a young mouse named Sadie learns that you don’t need to be the best competitor in order to win the best prize of all. Royden Lepp’s Rust tells the story of how rocket boy Jet Jones learned an important lesson while helping out with the daily chores on a farm. Sean Rubin’s Bolivar, possibly my favorite in the book, sees a boy trying to identify his new dinosaur friend. Sir Didymus’ Grand Day is inspired by the fantasy classic, Labyrinth, and illustrator Cory Godbey has an original graphic novel in the works. Nate Cosby and Chris Eliopoulos’s Cow Boy gives us a hilarious boy hero who seeks justice in an amusing way. Finally, Pantalones, TX, by Yehudi Mercado, gives us an activity page a la a kids’ menu. It was much more fun than the last kids’ menu I co-opted from my kid at IHOP, I assure you.

If you were able to score a copy of this book during your FCBD blitz, I salute you. If not, keep an eye out for these titles and their creators. Whether or not you’ve got munchkins living in your home, all of these stories are fun reads.

FCBD 2013-Cow Boy Preview FCBD 2013-Bolivar Preview FCBD 2013-Labyrinth Preview FCBD 2013-Mouse Guard Preview FCBD 2013-Pantalones TX Preview FCBD 2013-Rust Preview

Retail Price:
Page Count: 32 pages
Format: 8” x 8”, full color, staple bound
Genre: Fantasy
Ship Date: March 2013
Rating: E – EVERYONE (all ages, may contain minimal violence)
Written by David Petersen, Royden Lepp, Sean Rubin, Cory Godbey, Nate Cosby, and Yehudi Mercado
Illustrated by David Petersen, Royden Lepp, Sean Rubin, Cory Godbey, Chris Eliopoulos, and Yehudi Mercado
Covers by 
David Petersen and Royden Lepp

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