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Ant-Man Wins at the Box Office!


Ant-Man Wins at the Box Office!

It’s highly rewarding for us at What’cha Reading to report on Marvel Studios’ latest success at the box office.  The July 17th film, Ant-Man, which we reviewed earlier this weekend here, and on sister site, Alternative Mindz, has brought in an estimated $58 million at the box office.  Ant-Man, currently number 1, marks the 12th straight film by Marvel Studios to win at the box office.*

If you have yet to see it, we strongly recommend that you do.  The mixture of comedy and adventure is unlike any other Marvel film released and is mightily entertaining for the whole family.  If you need another reason to watch the film, take a look at the video below:


and for those not in the Facebook way…

Ant-Man is in theaters now. *Numbers previously reported on CNN Money.

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