Ant-Man: Natural Enemy Novel coming in 2015 ~ What'cha Reading?

Ant-Man: Natural Enemy Novel coming in 2015

Ant-Man: Natural Enemy Novel coming in 2015

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For fans of the ant-sized hero named Ant-Man, 2015 is shaping up to be a MARVEL-ous year!  Not only are we getting a new Ant-Man comic series that launches in January (something Chuck covered in his article), but Marvel will be releasing a prose novel based off of the next breakout star of the Marvel Universe.

“Ant-Man: Natural Enemy” written by crime-novelist Jason Starr describes Scott Lang as “an ex-con, single parent and part time superhero.”  His daughter, Cassie, will also be heavily featured in the novel as a teenager as they both settle into a new city.

Marvel senior vice president of sales and marketing, David Gabriel, released the following statement: “Whether you’re an Ant-Man fan, or looking to experience a new story featuring the breakout character of 2015, this novel is going to be an exciting thrill ride from cover to cover.”

“Ant-Man: Natural Enemy” will be released on June 3, 2015.  The character Scott Lang will be played by Paul Rudd in the July 2015 film.

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