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Ant-Man Larger Than Life – Entertainingly Staged & Wonderfully Bright

Ant-Man Larger Than Life - Entertainingly Staged & Wonderfully Bright

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Ant-Man Larger Than Life is the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe tie-in comic, written by Marvel regular Will Corona Pilgrim and illustrated by Andrea Di Vito.  It’s a quick read, servicing the July 17th film by continuing the first introduction to the young Hank Pym, as first seen in the Ant-Man movie prelude, which What’cha Reading reviewed here.  Ant-Man Larger Than Life also reprints Hank Pym’s first appearance in “Tales To Astonish” issue 27 – “The Man in the Ant Hill”, and issue 35 – “The Return of The Ant-Man!” both written by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and drawn by Jack Kirby.

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Before we meet Hank Pym on screen and played by screen legend Michael Douglas, Larger Than Life opens to a time set years before the events of the Peyton Reed directed film.  He’s working with various ants – fire ants, carpenter ants (genus: camponotus), and bullet ants (genus: paraponera clavata).  Pym is testing out his E.M.P. communication device in his lab and it seems as if he’s successfully able to communicate with his little friends.  We get the feeling that he’s a real scientist, caught in awe of the tech that he’s making, and a man with a good-heart.  It will be interesting to see how Pym translates to the big screen, especially considering his history in regular Marvel canon.  Also, there is no mention or appearance of his wife, Janet Van Dyne a.k.a. The Wasp.

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The bullet ants don’t seem to respond to him so Pym decides to shrink down in his ant-man suit and “lead you guys by example.”  Pilgrim creates an entertainingly staged sequence that plays like a scene that could’ve been featured in a Disney movie.  The spirit of adventure is very much in the details and artist Andrea Di Vito creates a wonderfully bright palette previously not seen in an MCU tie-in comic.  The story, “Larger Than Life”, is relatively short, but worth reading if you’re missing Nick Spencer’s Ant-Man series and/or looking forward to the Paul Rudd film.  I greatly enjoyed this story and am so glad to have read it.

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Ant-Man: Larger Than Life gets five stars and is available now.  For keen readers and fans of “Tales To Astonish”, the Corona Pilgrim script plays out like a modern retelling of “The Man in the Ant Hill” to a certain degree.  It’s a great quality that makes this tie-in all the more worth reading.


Join Hank Pym, a.k.a. ANT-MAN, as he learns that a little experiment can land him in BIG trouble! Can Ant-Man tame something as painfully formidable as the Bullet Ant before it’s too late?! Find out! PLUS: Reprinting Tales to Astonish #27 (the first appearance of Hank Pym) and Tales to Astonish#35 (the first of appearance of Ant-Man in costume)!

Ant-Man: Larger than Life #1 is out June 24th, priced $3.99.

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