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Ant-Man #3 Review – Nick Spencer and Ramon Rosanas Continue a Great Run!

Ant-Man #3 Review - Nick Spencer and Ramon Rosanas Continue a Great Run!

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It’s a proud moment, geeky as it may be, when you can call a moment in a comic book.  It’s just the same as calling a moment in a television series you like, or film for that matter; it proves your mettle as a fan.  It stands testament to the fact that you have put in the time and effort into what you enjoy and you know the material so well that for a moment you’re in sync with the writers, the gatekeepers, of what you enjoy.  This is exactly what happened as I was reading today’s release of Marvel’s “Ant-Man.”

Nick Spencer has delivered three solid issues of entertainment within his current run on “Ant-Man.”  It’s a title I was looking forward to for a while and three months in I remain delighted as ever.  We’ve seen ex-con and ex-Avenger Scott Lang make the move to Miami so he could be with his daughter; we’ve seen the unemployed Lang turn down a job opportunity from Tony Stark in order for him to start Ant-Man Security Solutions; and we’ve seen the one time super hero do just about everything that places him further away from the Marvel House of Heroes. It’s the kind of creative move on Spencer’s part that has made him the perfect writer for Ant-Man and made “The Superior Foes of Spider-Man” such a hit. He has a go for broke attitude and approaches each story from the heart.  If the writing didn’t feel so genuine, most readers would probably wonder how Scott Lang is the center of his own book.  (If not for the Paul Rudd movie coming this July.)

Issue 3 is filled with many unique and charming moments that have made “Ant-Man” such a hit with comic readers.  One of the standouts finds Scott installing a motion detection system with the help from ants.  The interplay between ant and man is hilarious.  “I’m very disappointed in you, Tony Wilson.  We practiced this.”  Things do grow a little more intense as Scott eventually fights with “the deadliest mercenary on the planet”, Taskmaster.  As they fight, Spencer still remains light-hearted, especially when Taskmaster mentions his usage of a new app called “Hench”, “it’s like Uber, but for mercenary super villains.”  Spencer’s writing is so lively that it’s a perfect pairing with Ramon Rosanas’s art.  I’ve made mention before that Rosanas has a style similar to Chris Samnee and I stand by this.  They both employ a very pleasing aesthetic when approaching the story and each panel radiates life.  Rosanas is a great artist to have on board “Ant-Man” and three issues in, it’d be difficult to imagine this series without him.

In the first few pages we are re-introduced to Dr. Erica Sondheim.  She’s one of the world’s leading cardiac and neurological surgeons and she’s been called to Miami on a very compelling case.  The corporate outfit in need of her services is revealed to be none other than a specifically named Technological Enterprises.  A technological enterprise that ties back to Scott Lang’s first outing as Ant-Man in Marvel Premiere 47!  I really don’t want to ruin it as it’s a fun moment that works for both old and new fans.  But for this resident king Ant-Man fan in Queens, I knew immediately who writer Nick Spencer was alluding to and eventually revealing by the end of the issue.  It was extraordinarily rewarding when I was proven right.  For those that may need a hint: the character may be appearing in the upcoming movie and might be the character Corey Stoll is playing.  And by may and might, I mean he is!  It makes sense to reintroduce this villain and I’m eager to see how Spencer and Rosanas develop him.

“Ant-Man” is one comic book series by Marvel that’s well worth staying on board for and I strongly suggest picking up your copy today.

“Ant-Man” issue 3 gets five out of five stars!

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