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Announcing DC Collectibles 2015 SDCC Con Exclusives


There are many reasons why fans love San Diego Comic Con.  One of the many reasons are the “con exclusives.”  For those that have followed What’cha Reading’s convention and trade show coverage, particularly this year’s New York Toy Fair, you’ll know that DC Collectibles gave us a fantastic walk-through their upcoming lineup of action figures, statues, plush toys, and props.  [See “The DC Collectibles Edition pt. 1 & pt. 2]

DC Collectibles proudly announced three very special exclusives to San Diego Comic Con attendees that we are positive you will not want to miss.

Announcing DC Collectibles 2015 SDCC Con ExclusivesDC Super Pets Krypto Plush Toy – Based on the artistic style of legendary comic book artist, Art Baltazar, DC Collectibles’ all-new DC Super Pets plush line will release an exclusive 6” Krypto Plush Toy at SDCC.  Priced at $9.95, this cute and cuddly item is sure to impress fans – both young and old!


DC Comics BlueLine Edition – Jim Lee action figure (Limited Edition) – World renowned comic book artist, Jim Lee, brings his extraordinary vision of Batman to life in this exclusive pencil deco Batman action figure sculpted by Jack Mathews. Encased in an intricately designed package, each Batman figure includes an original sketch drawn and signed by Jim Lee. The sketches feature one of three iconic characters from the Batman Mythology – Batman, The Joker or Harley Quinn – and are divided equally among the limited 150 figure quantity. This rare Batman action figure is priced at $300.00.


DC Comics BlueLine Edition – Jim Lee action figure (Standard Edition) – Similar to the Limited Edition, the Standard BlueLine Edition features the same remarkable pencil deco Batman action figure designed by Jim Lee and sculpted by Jack Mathews. Produced in a larger quantity, each standard figure is enclosed in the same artistic packaging and includes an exclusive Jim Lee print. The standard BlueLine figure is priced at $40.00.


For those that will be attending SDCC on July 8-12 of this year (2015 if you’re from the future/past like the Reverse Flash), be sure to check out what DC Collectibles has to offer.  For those that need just a little bit more incentive, here is a video of Jim Lee with the DC Comics BlueLine Edition figure of Batman.


Now all I need to know is “when are they delivering a BlueLine Superman?!”  As always, thanks to the folks at DC Collectibles for providing the details on their upcoming releases.

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