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Anne Bonnie! The All-Ages High-Seas Adventure!


Another great comic con purchase! I walked by the table at Asbury Park Comic Con and the cover caught my eye immediately. Female pirate walking into the camera, pistols drawn, cutlass on her hip. Why was it eye-catching? Well there’s a girl on the cover… And she’s dressed.

Annie Bonnie! The All-Ages High-Seas Adventure!

That alone was enough to give Tim Yates book a shot. Glad I did! In issue 1 “The Journey Begins” we’re introduced to a world of tall ships, vast seas, pirates, sea-monsters, and legends…

AB-P1Anne Bonnie is one of those legends, The Pirate Queen, her name is usually said in a whisper so’s not to arouse her wrath! Some say she’s 5 years dead, but others are more wary. Though the title of the book our story doesn’t have all that much to do with Annie… yet.

Our story begins with a young girl, Ariana, the ward of a very powerful very scary Lord. Her greatest wish? To be a pirate, like Anne Bonnie! She’s given a key by one of her caretakers, well a copy of a key really, that opens “something lost”. She spends the next ten years searching for that something and when she finds it, man do things get crazy!

By the end of issue one she’s has gotten her wish (sort of) and has set off on a, spit in your parents eye, going off to be a pirate, grand adventure! The life of a pirate isn’t as glorious and free as it seems (or is it?) Especially when the ship you’re on seems to have a mind of it’s own. Has she bitten off more than she can chew? We leave her in the proverbial cliff-hanger with pirate hunters close on her tail and no real clue of what to do next.

This book was total girl-power fun! Ariana is brash, sweet, and capable, exactly what you’d want in a heroine. And her innocence and naivety give you the in to enjoying the story wide-eyed. The supporting cast of characters, the scary father figure/lord of the manor, the possessed pirate hunter with a past, the animal sidekick (did I forget to mention that she inherits a phoenix?) are written and drawn perfectly, not too on type but close enough to the stereotype to be recognizable and comfortable.

My hope is that Tim doesn’t get caught up in Annie Bonnie’s story so deeply that he forgets to give us more of Ariana’s background.

I’m giving Anne Bonnie 4 out of 5 Yo! Ho! Ho’s!!!

You can find issues one and two (hopefully) at your local comic shop, or you can go to Blue Juice Comics website! Issue one, two.

I heard you, nope I didn’t mention issue two yet did I? Scroll down past the next image to get a little info on image two and when to expect three! But beware ya scurvy dogs I’ll be spoiling some of issue one by revealing what’s happening in two. So set your mind before ye scroll… (yeesh pirate talk is hard!)


Issue #2 – The crew starts to form, and a new enemy is added…

After narrowly avoiding being blown to bits by the Commodore’s two ships (the pirate hunter in issue one) with some fancy maneuvering on the ship’s (The Crimson Dawn, which Ariana “borrowed” last issue) part they arrive in Sapphire Bay, “A paradise in the desert”, where Ariana is set on spending some of the gold she’s found onboard. A frosty reception turns quite celebratory when the people see the “color of her coin” and all seems to be progressing nicely. Until that is she stumbles upon a young man, a slave, attempting to remove himself from that line of “work”.

Of course getting involved isn’t the best course of action and Ariana, Finn (the escaped slave) are now on the wrong side of a Princess (who definitely has some powers in play, magical type powers). Thought the Princess’ behavior towards Ariana and her “crew” bring some new surprises. And a new character!

This series is really fun and really well done. If you have a tween girl in your life that needs a little adventure I highly recommend Anne Bonnie.

4 out of 5 Flaming Phoenix’s Phoenixi? Phoenixes????

Issue 3? What about, oh! Issue three! That will be in comic shops October 15th! And available from Blue Juice, AND at New York Comic Con!


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