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Anime Expo 2014 Overview!


Anime Expo 2014 Overview!

This was my first time going to Anime Expo — heck, this was my first time even being in LA. And yet, around March, I had ended up shelling out nearly $500 for plane tickets in order to make it to the biggest convention in the United States. Why? Simply because I had never been, and I wanted to have the experience of going.

Boy, did I have an experience. Press pass in one hand, camera in the other, I had a wonderful time going around the convention center, snapping pictures every once in a while of cosplays I never actually see in East Coast conventions, and hitting up panels, much like the panel I went to about Terror in Resonance for the worldwide screening.

All in all, this was an amazing con. The halls were crowded, but once you figured out your way, it was easy to find ways around said crowds to get to wherever you were going. The rooms that they held the panels in were absolutely amazing, and I found myself having a splendid time. Even the dealers room was something to applaud over; on my first day in there, I got a shirt that was only being released for AX, as well as a fairly rare PS2 game, unopened, completely sealed — for only $12. It was a fun time all around.

And people put so much effort into their cosplays. Despite the heat, it was wonderful seeing people wearing fur coats, or even, in one circumstance, a full suit to make a human-sized Evangelion outfit. I took a couple of pictures, which you can visit here.

A wonderful convention, in my opinion, one that I’m quite excited to visit again next year. This time, I’ll make sure to get my plane tickets far, far in advance to make sure I don’t end up spending a fortune again!

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