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Andrew Jackson in Space—Get In On The Ground Floor!


Andrew Jackson in Space—Get In On The Ground Floor!

You know we love indie comics at What’cha Reading, and Editor Monkey Chuck has found a great new one via an upcoming Kickstarter project. It’s a comic called Andrew Jackson in Space. Yeah, you heard me, Old Hickory–our seventh President–in space. Brian Visaggio (Stronghold) and Jason Smith (On the Verge), who previously collaborated on the short horror comic The Sisters, are the creative team behind AJiS.  Of course any comic about a President is likely to be right up my alley, so I contacted Brian to get some more details.

Julie: What can you tell me about Andrew Jackson in Space and the planned storyline?

Brian: In the year 1801, Andrew Jackson, a young man in his early thirties still 27 years from the presidency, was lost in space. He woke up one morning on the other side of the galaxy, a hundred-thousand light-years away, with no memory of how he got there, or even entirely sure how long he’d been there. His only goal now is to get home to his beloved Rachel — but he has only his own resourcefulness to get him there. The book takes place a year or so into his time in space, where he has managed, in that time, to learn how to function in his new world, has acquired (and subsequently lost) his own spaceship, made friends (and enemies) and is, at the very beginning of this book, stranded on the planet Kestallan.

The series is planned, at this point, to run four issues covering a single story arc called “The Vagrant Queen,” about Jackson and his erstwhile companion Elida, the deposed fugitive queen of Arriopa, with whom he shares a contentious history, and who has finally been apprehended.
Now you see why I’m so psyched about this project: it’s a combination of history, sci-fi, and adventure, which exactly up my alley. Brian sent me the script for the first issue, which is awesome, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished project. The Kickstarter will go live January 4 (we will of course post a link to it when it does) but in the meantime, I’m going to leave you with some initial art for the first issue–looking good! This is one to watch out for, and a Kickstarter project I’m definitely going to be supporting.



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