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Andrew Jackson In Space!!!Some months ago the internet was buzzing with talk of a kickstarter for this interesting little book. Andrew Jackson? The seventh president of The United States? In space? It sounded absurd, hell it is absurd, President Jackson lived from 1767 to 1845 what are the odds of him getting to space! Well there’s obviously some science fictiony aspects to this lost story of our 7th president.

When we find him in 1801 he’s been lost for two years, having been whisked away (not unlike John Carter) to the far reaches of space. He’s lost though far from stranded. He has a plan, this is evident from the first time we set eyes on him and his immediate rush to aid an “old friend” in trouble may not be as altruistic as it first seems.  This is not the story of a statesman, or a politician, Brian Visaggio’s tale shows a younger Andrew. Remember that Jackson was only 13 during the American Revolution, where he served as a messenger and was a prisoner of war, he was an orphan in his teens, and became a frontier lawyer. He was definitely a “Han Solo” of the American frontier type. And he’s surrounded by exactly the types of characters you expect a man of his personality to be involved with.

I’m interested in seeing if Brian has created a separate timeline for Jackson or if the story will return him to his historically correct place in time to participate in the life we knew him for. Either way it looks like fun. A space adventure starring a most unlikely hero (or antihero?) I really enjoyed the book. Plot, dialogue, characterization, it all works really well. Brian writes the frontier lawyer dialogue well and a few lines (though I’m no historian) sound close to quotes. The art by Jason Smith, though not a style I would normally gravitate toward, has a punk feel that works as well. Jason (along with colorist Harry Saxon) gives the characters an energy and vitality that couples perfectly with Brian’s words.


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This book is a 4.5 out of 5. The art style is a little out of the box but it works and we wind up with a total package well worth the read.
Andrew Jackson in Space #1
Written by Brian Visaggio
Art by Jason Smith
Colored by Harold Saxon
Lettered by Harold Saxon
Edited by Heather Antos
Genres: Action/Adventure, Historical, Science Fiction
Page Count: 25 Pages
Digital Release Date: July 29 2015
Age Rating: 15+ Only

This is one of those books that is truly indie. Your purchases matter! Buy it on comixology, talk about it, ask your friends to buy it. Support indie comics!


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