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The X-Files X-mas Special!


The X-Files X-mas SpecialWith the new X-Files series coming in just a few weeks, the two night premiere event is January 24th, 25th on FOX, I thought it was probably time to jump back into IDW’s successful X-Files Season 11 comic series with The X-Files X-mas Special that’s on the stands now.

The Lone Gunman receive a gift, and it’s just what they needed. But isn’t that a little too good to be true? When they use the mysterious gift to fill the gap in a transmission they get more than they bargain for. And now Byers is looking for his missing friends, with Scully’s help? Meanwhile Mulder is visited by a old associate who leads him on mysterious trip. A trip designed to open his eyes to the threats that still exist and Scully gets closer and closer to finding out just what is going on with the missing Gunmen.

Joe Harris writes these books so closely to the series we know and love, dialogue and plot that pulls you in and carries you along page by page. And Matthew Dow Smith on art with Jordie Bellaire on colors get the visuals so right this series is an X-File’s fans best bet to live in the world we love and miss.

The X-Files Christmas Special is 48 pages of mystery and action, and they even included an exclusive excerpt of the upcoming prose anthology “The Truth Is Out There.” This X-Files book gets a 5 out of 5. Can’t recommend it highly enough.


X-files X-mas Special #1
Writer: Harris, Joe
Artist: Smith, Matthew Dow
On Sale December 23, 2015
Publisher IDW
Diamond Id: OCT150374
Price: $7.99
UPC: 82771400975000111

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