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An Evening with Neil Gaiman (and Amanda Palmer!)


Neil Gaiman’s got a new book out. This is a cause for celebration in my world, an event that needs to be celebrated, preferably by myself, in a comfortable chair or even better, my bed, with a hot cup of coffee and complete solitude.

ocean at the end of the lane

Gaiman kicked off what he says is his last U.S. book tour last night, with an appearance at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. I was lucky enough to be in the audience. The house was packed with excited and dedicated fellow fans, and when Peter Aguero, from the “improv, storytelling rock band” BTK took the stage to introduce Neil, the crowd response was amazing.

Neil took the stage, thanked everyone for coming out, and told us he had “one and a half surprises” that night. He read a chapter from The Ocean at the End of the Lane, and proceeded to introduce his wife, Amanda Palmer. Who received almost as passionate a response as Neil did. For those of you who may not know, Amanda Palmer, indie rock goddess, and Neil Gaiman have the cutest, sappiest marriage in the history of ever. They kissed, hugged and cuddled a few times on the stage, and the looks that passed between the two of them were just adorable. They adore each other, and they’re funny as anything together. I didn’t get a chance to see their “An Evening with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer” tour two years ago, so I felt like I’d really witnessed something special last night.

Palmer performed a song she’d recently written, and then Neil came back on stage to announce his “half” surprise – Amanda would stay and do the Q&A with him. The questions were fairly insightful, as were Gaiman’s answers, and before too long, he was kissing Amanda goodbye – for real, they’ll both be on tour for the next six months or so – and reading one more passage from the book, before saying good night – or see you later, if you were going to wait around to get your book signed.

The line ended up leaving the building and wrapping around the block, but fortunately, I was on the earlier part of the line and waited only about 40 minutes. I got my book signed, and mustered the power of speech for long enough to thank Mr. Gaiman for everything he’s ever written. He looked up, gave me a kind smile, and said, “Well, you’re welcome.” And those three words, ladies and gentlemen, made my little fangirl heart explode.

I’m off to read my book now. The coffee’s ready, and the kids are in bed.

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