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American Nature from Greg and Fake & Friends!


“The weirdest people in comics are Kickstarting the weirdest comic ever. BACKED!”  – Ryan Browne of God Hates Astronauts

Ever heard a better description of a project? I have to agree with the sentiment…

American Nature from Greg and Fake & Friends!

“American Nature began as a monthly backup feature in Image Comic’s Hoax Hunters. Now it’s expanding with the help of Bogus Books, and bringing new friends. American Nature Presents features the work of emerging and established talents such as Steve Seeley(Hoax Hunters/Hack Slash Son of Samhain), Austin Tinius and Robert Salinas(Doctor Muscles), Antonio Brandao, Zé Burnay(Witch Gauntlet), Ralph Niese(Noble Causes), Benjamin Marra(Blades and Lazers) and, of course, the American Nature crew of Dave Landsberger, Marc Koprinarov and Greg & Fake.”

Come get some!


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