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American Dark Age #2 cover art on Kickstarter!


I know I’ve written about American Dark Age before, it’s actually one of my first reviews here. I’ve also tweeted about their Kickstarter campaign to fund issue #2 (Kickstarter link). Well time is running out to be part of this project! They’ve got some great donation incentives up the newest being this:

“It has been a very busy week here at Megabrain. I haven’t even had a chance to thank all of our new pledges and to express how wonderful it is to see so many people  increasing their pledge denominations. Thank you all so much for your support as always, but without further ado and after much anticipation, I present to you all the cover of AMERICAN DARK AGE issue two as well as the exclusive Kickstarter bonus print that anyone who pledges $50 or more will be receiving along with their rewards.”

Go to the kickstarter site and pledge pledge pledge! Issue one was great based on this cover art alone issue two should be amazing! Spread the word people!

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