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Review – American Dark Age 01 – Megabrain Comics (NYCC 2011)


Review - American Dark Age 01 - Megabrain Comics (NYCC 2011)

American Dark Age 01 – Megabrain Comics

Boy was I wrong.

I’ve been reading comics for as long as I could read. I’ve always been pretty picky and never really mainstream (ok I do read X-Men). I was in my LCS recently (Royal Collectibles in Forest Hills) and Diane pointed to a book on the counter and said local talent give it a look. I looked it over and dismissed it almost immediately, it kinda reminded me of Heavy Metal magazine or 2000 AD which I never really considered “my thing”.
Well fast forward to NYCC and a friend of mine and I are cruisin the aisles and he stops me @ Megabrains booth and shows me the same book, introduces me to the artist and some of the Megabrains people. My support your independent publisher gene kicks in and I buy the book.

I was blown away.

The story centers around Katherine a 20-something wielding a long sword in a post apocalyptic California. But before you can figure out why you’re brought back 5 years to learn how the world got this way. The story is strong, with an interesting cliff hanger ending. The art is intensely detailed and well thought out. This was a great 1st issue I can’t wait for more.

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