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Amanda Hocking’s THE HOLLOWS Goes Graphic!


I enjoy a good zombie tale – and by that, I mean one that has enough zombies to keep me on the edge of my seat, with a focus on the interactions between survivors dealing with the breakdown of society. As the best zombie lore from Night of the Living Dead through to The Walking Dead shows us, the best walker stories are about the survivors. The biters are the cherry on the ice cream sundae.

Hollows Graphic Part 1

The Hollows is the graphic interpretation of Hocking’s Hollowland series – a series I was previously unfamiliar with, so I went into this with no expectations or characters or plot. And it’s good stuff. Really, good stuff. Written by Amanda Hocking and Tony Lee, The Hollows takes us to the beginning of a zombie plague – they appear to be contagion zombies, with some kind of illness causing the outbreak. It spreads through bites and through ingestion of any infected fluid – blood or saliva, even drinking or bathing in infected water – and the way to kill them is to destroy the brain. It’s the zombie scenario most of us are familiar with, so the reader is comfortable and able to get into the story right away.

The story follows several characters: rock star Lazlo Durante and his group of friends; teenager brother and sister Max and Remy King; medical intern Blue Adams; a young girl named Harlow Adams, and a circus lion “not yet named” Ripley.  The first issue establishes each of these characters at the beginning of the outbreak and their scramble to find safety once it all hits the fan.

I liked the pacing – the action happens almost immediately, but the writers pay attention to their pacing and continue building a solid story foundation on top of the gut-punch speed of the zombie attack. Steve Uy’s art is stark black and white, with use of shadowing to give us more information about the characters that would be left to words on a page in the Hollowland Novels. It adds dimension, character and emotion, but sometimes obscures the action, becoming a little too dark in some points.

The comics are available digitally through Comixology, Amazon, and Dark Horse Digital. It’s a 10-part series, 7 of which are available now. The first issue is free – what have you got to lose? Check out The Hollows – and if you like it, heck, pick up the novel, too. There’s a sequel that I already have my eye on.

Writer: Amanda Hocking & Tony Lee
Art: Steve Uy
Genre: Horror
Publisher: Dynamite
Price: Issue 1 is free; other issues are $1.99
Available through:
Dark Horse Digital:
Pub Date: Issues 1-7 are available now.
Part 8 – Coming Aug 21
Part 9 – Coming Sept 4
Part 10 – Coming Sept 18




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