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Amanda Hocking’s The Hollows: A Hollowland Graphic Novel Read Issue 1 for Free!


Publisher’s Weekly reported that digital was the buzz at SDCC last week. With the success of Comixology more and more publishers are making digital deals and getting more serious about the digital market. Dynamite is trying this in a big way with Amanda Hocking’s The Hollows. The novel has been adapted into a graphic novel which is being published exclusively as digital comics released every two weeks.


Hollowland, the book the series is adapted from, is the story of Remy King a teenage girl, who has to fight to survive the zombie apocalypse. She is in search of her little brother who could be the key to curing the plague. Along the way she collects the usual band of not so merry misfits including a rock star, a medical student, a thirteen year old orphan, two escapees from a cult and a lion named Ripley.

This tells the part of the zombie tale that Walking Dead left out. How society starts to fall apart after the infections starts to spread. It opens with a rock concert where an infected audience member starts a panic. We see families fall apart, the military losing ground and the different ways people cope.

I wanted to like this more but it’s pretty run of the mill. The characters feel like caricatures and lack depth. Remy is the best of them. It’s obviously her story and she is very likable but she’s not quite enough to keep it going. I read some of the reviews of the book on GoodReads, as I wondered if this was an adaptation issue and it seems like the graphic novel may be better than the book.
If you’re a big zombie fan and a fan of teen girl protaganists you might like it. Otherwise it really doesn’t have anything compelling to make it worth your while.

Here’s the Dark Horse Digital link (all issues $1.99), the Amazon Kindle link (issue 1 free the rest $1.99) and the Comixology link (issue 1 free the rest $1.99).

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