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Always Be Yourself, Unless You Can Be Batman, Then Always Be Batman


If fan films can be considered a form of flattery then Tom MacDonald’s “Hourglass”/ “Who I Am”/ “Bout It” is high praise of not only The Batman but the superhero film genre as well. Clocking in at 1 minute 10 seconds we get only the briefest glimpse of Tom’s interpretation of Bruce Wayne/Batman but he captures the moody angst driven vigilante very well. Check out the trailer here:


The 13 minute short film/music video will premiere in full on October 1st. Tom is a self-described artist but when pressed he admits he’s a musician, writer, film maker. Not only did he write, direct, and edit the film (and trailer) he also composed, wrote, produced the music as well. I asked him what it was about Batman that drew him to put together this project…

I chose Batman for a few reasons, I guess. I always shoot short-film-style music videos. I’ve been a cowboy, and old man, a dirty fight promoter, an astronaut, a soldier…I’ve been living out my fantasies via short films, really. Haha. I’ve loved Batman since I was a small child, so…it just sort-of happened. I was talking to my Dad and he’s a massive Batman too. He was like “I think a Batman video would be really cool.” He planted that seed in my head and it just grew into fruition…


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