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All Female Ghostbusters Toys! We Now Have a Kate McKinnon Figure!



Over the past few years, many toy companies have come under fire for hardly representing female characters within their toy lines.  Many fans and collectors have been speculating on the merchandise we’d be getting for this summer’s Paul Feig reboot of Ghostbusters, featuring an all-female team.  Would we get action figures?  Will Mattel continue their license with Sony?  Despite few confirmations that we could expect a full lineup of toys for both boys and girls, fans weren’t too confident that we would be seeing a 6″ of the likes of Kristen Wiig or Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones or Kate McKinnon.  Well, in a surprising tweet last night, director and writer Paul Feig gave us our first look at the main line of action figures from Mattel!


While there hasn’t been anything said or revealed about the Mattel line, other than Paul Feig’s tweet “Our Mattel 6″ prototypes. #TheresGhostbusters”, we are sure to see an announcement in the coming weeks.  With New York Toy Fair only a few weeks away, fans are sure to see more of the Ghostbusters.

I could not be more excited for Ghostbusters.  I think with the talent involved we are sure to have something fun.  Paul Feig has commented on how the tone of this new film will border on origin and feature more of an actual horror element to the film that hadn’t truly been embraced by the original classics.  As a fan of Ghostbusters, film and animation – Real and Extreme, it’ll be very exciting to see Ghostbusters toys back on store shelves.  Feig, on Twitter, confirmed we will be getting products from “Mattel, Funko, Diamond Select & others…” including Lego.

Ghostbusters opens July 15th.

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