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Aliens: Fire and Stone #2 Review! Three Terrors, One World Continues…


Dark Horse Comics’ story of “three terrors, one world” continues in this week’s “Aliens: Fire and Stone” issue #2.  The creative team of Chris Roberson, Patric Reynolds, Dave Stewart, and Dave Palumbo treat us to yet another thrilling chapter in the Fire and Stone saga.

Aliens: Fire and Stone #2 Review! Three Terrors, One World Continues...

The connective tissue that ties DHC’s Aliens, Predator, Prometheus, and Alien vs. Predator series together has started to come through, especially in last week’s issue of “Predator: Fire and Stone” which was a “well told, pure fun, adventure story.”  Chris Roberson’s second installment in “Aliens” is also a well told story, but far from fun andaliens2p1 adventurous as it is a thrilling and harrowing journey we are taken on.  The success of DHC’s current run on “Aliens” seems to very much rely on the impending doom and white knuckle terror that we are so familiar with from the 20th Century Fox films.  Right down to the beautiful cover by Dave Palumbo, you know right away that this is not just your run of the mill comic event, but an event of cinematic proportions.

“Aliens: Fire and Stone” issue 2 continues to follow terraforming engineer, Derrick Russell and the Hadley’s Hope survivors.  As they have been stranded on LV-223, after a xenomorph outbreak on LV-426 (the planet from Alien and Aliens), Russell begins to learn more of the secretive Weyland-Yutani operations being conducted in the Zeta 2 Reticuli System. Decades since Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and David (Michael Fassbender) left the planet, LV-223 in “Prometheus”, it has been left undisturbed. Unbeknownst to Russell, the moon contains dangerous God-like beings known as Engineers, xenomorphs, and other alien creatures. While tensions run high in the group, Nolan Cale, a surveyor and aliens2p2prospector, argues over an escape plan with Genevieve Dione, a greenhouse supervisor and teacher.  While they both have different ideas that concern the safety of the group, it is noted that “[they’d] lost almost a third of [their]numbers since arriving.”

The most rewarding aspect of this issue, for fans of the Fire and Stone saga and film franchise is that questions are finally being answered.  With the sixth installment of the saga found in “Aliens” #2, Russell learns of LV-223’s secrets and what makes it such an object of fascination for the possibly insidious Weyland-Yutani!  Writer Chris Roberson gives fans exactly what they want from a good, sci-fi story and manages to finally give us an issue that truly demands anticipation for “Aliens: Fire and Stone” #3 releasing on November 26th.  As a devoted fan to the mythology of Aliens, Prometheus, and Predator, this issue highly satisfied and was surprisingly better than I even expected.  The fans want answers to the great questions posed in the Ridley Scott film, “Prometheus” and we are finally starting to see the story unfold in a very clever, almost Tarantino/ Marvel Cinematic aliens2p3Universe way.  And all that can be said for the art – Patric Reynolds last panel is nearly, if not more creepy than anything we’ve seen happen in the films!

“Aliens: Fire and Stone” #2 gets five out of five face-huggers!  But this does come with caution.  The “Aliens” series by Dark Horse Comics is only as good as it is part of a much grander story.  I highly suggest that to fully enjoy this title that you track down all of the other issues and series.  Also, for those that invest in comics, it may be worth your while as the first installment in Fire and Stone, “Prometheus” #1 sold out.

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