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Albert Einstein: Time Mason – Check Out the Time Shattering Preview!


In the mood to see Albert Einstein trade jabs (verbally and physically) with a meglomaniacal dwarf and his henchmen? Have you ever wished that Albert Einstein had actually been a four-color swashbuckling action hero?

If those questions had never occurred to you before don’t worry, before I crossing paths with Tony Donley at NYCC I wouldn’t have asked them either. Once again while strolling through artist alley something caught my eye…

AE-TM00Admit it, it looks frakin cool.

Well the promise of that cool cover is fulfilled in the pages that follow! This is two-fisted action and adventure! The script flows quickly and smoothly, the art pays off on every page and the four-color inking? That just rocked. This book was impressive enough that I decided to contact Tony Donley and put a few questions to him…

WR: What possessed you to make Albert Einstein not only an adventurer, but a time traveling slick talking wise cracking “Indiana Jones” adventurer?

TD:  Well the whole idea came to me while watching a documentary on Einstein. There was a part where they pin pointed the moment that he kind of discovered what would become relativity. It was right then that Albert would begin to define Time and Space as we know it. It just popped into my head that, what if at that moment he showed up on the radar of something much bigger. What if right then the “Time Masons” became aware of this great intellect? It all kind of spiraled from there. I didn’t know where I was going with it, I didn’t even know who the Time Masons were. I just knew that “Albert Einstein: Time Mason” was great title and I was off and running. People often assume Einstein was a Free Mason, even thought here is no evidence of it, so the title just kind of makes sense. People understand it. If anyone was going to travel through Time, Einstein would have been the first.

As far as the character of Einstein that was easy. He was a funny quirky guy and there are many accounts of him being quite a ladies man. We are all so accustomed to the crazy hair, old man Einstein, that we all forget that he was 35 at one time too. It’s no secret that I am a huge Indiana Jones fan (just like everyone else), & our Albert really fits that mold.

WR: Can you fill our readers in on the reasons behind the classic four color look?

TD: …Originally I had planed to produce the book in Black&White with a bunch of grays and tones. Of course I would have loved to have it colored but that just wasn’t in the budget. When Marcus (writer Marcus Perry) came on board to Script the book he smacked me upside the head & said, “Brains in Jars, Laser blasts & a Time Robot? We have to have Color.” He was totally right, so I showed him some pieces I had been fooling around with in the classic Marvel Flat Coloring style. When we sat down and talked about the book being colored that way, we were actually able to understand what it was so much more. It became a real throw back to all the classic Adventure books we all grew up reading. It was the final pace of the puzzle to bring this comic together. I was initially worried about hoe people would react to the color scheme but both seasoned fans of comics and total outsiders have really responded to it. It just looks like what comics should look like to them. Which is awesome because there is no way I could keep up with how incredible comic book coloring has become.

WR: The website has a previous story “When in Rome“, can you introduce our readers to that as well?

TD: Sure. When I started this whole self publishing adventure I had originally intended to produce a handful of 8 pg stories that I could post as a web comic & eventually collect into a book. So “When in Rome” was the first of those stories. The response was so positive to that story, when it was released on the DoubleFeature Comics app, that I decided to strike while the iron was hot and just jump right into a series. That story is kind of funny now since the mythos has changed slightly as we refined our ideas. Albert acts a bit in the dark in that story as to what is going on in regards to the Time Masons and such. It is still a fun read. Just think of it as one of his very early adventures.

WR: So how and where can we purchase this swashbuckling tale? And how long until Al’s further adventures see print?

TD: You can contact me thru to order issue #1 & you can even read “When in Rome” for free there. I am starting Issue 2 next week and we should have it ready in January. I can’t wait to start drawing it. The bulk of #2 is taking place in ancient Egypt where Albert is going to get into a lot of trouble with Cleopatra. It’s going to be a blast.

And now, without further adieu, I bring you a preview of…

Albert Einstein: Time Mason!



Now go to and buy it!

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