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Review – Alan Robert’s Killogy from IDW get’s a meh.


I’ve been going on and on to anyone who’d listen that this is the year for the little guys.
Small publishers like Action Labs, 215 Ink, MegaBrain, and Th3rd World have had some amazing stuff this last year. And the larger guys are doing really well too. Aspen, Image, IDW, Valiant, they’ve all had titles that defied expectations.
So I guess I should take it in stride when some books leave me wanting. I’ve just gotten so used to reading stuff I at least enjoy, this was a rough week.
Case in point. IDW had a couple of books that I picked up this week. Two of them featured Brea Grant.

First up Alan Robert’s Killogy. I’d usually pass on a book like this just based on the title but the cover art, Brea Grant as Summer Rose bloody and wielding two large knives, sucked me in.
Seems Alan Robert has decided to create a comic using the likenesses of Frank Vincent, famous mob movie actor, Brea Grant, famous TV actress, and Marky Ramone, yes the drummer from the amazingly famous Ramones. I think using actors likenesses in comics can be a great thing. If you’ve seen my reviews for Erica Schultz’ M3 you’d know that i think Vincenti Alcazar is a genius and his characters leap off the page with a life all their own. That doesn’t happen here. Robert’s puts his three famous headliners in a holding cell in a Brooklyn precinct and gives them a ton of pretty weak dialogue. It’s way over the top, one more “fugghedaboutit” and I was going to lose my mind. These people aren’t playing themselves or parodies of other characters they’ve played. Give them some personality. And the art while beautiful in some respects seems to rely so heavily on gore and blood it comes across muddy. I like horror. I enjoy blood and guts. This was more Zombieland than The Walking Dead. Zombieland without the humor. I say skip this one. Two out of Five.

Written by: Alan Robert
Art by: Alan Robert
Format: LIMITED SERIES (4 issue)
Publisher: IDW
Price: $3.99

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