These ain't no ladies, these are RAT QUEENS. ~ What'cha Reading?

These ain’t no ladies, these are RAT QUEENS.


Rat Queens – four booze-guzzling, rowdy, warrior women-for-hire. There’s Hannah, The Rockabilly Elven Mage, Violet the Hipster Dwarven Fighter, Dee the Athiest Human Cleric, and Betty the Hippy Smidgeon (think Halfling) Thief.  Ladies, THESE are the characters we wanted to play in those D&D campaigns throughout high school and college, but since we were usually the only chicks in the campaign, just settled for being badass on our own.

These ain't no ladies, these are RAT QUEENS.

The Rat Queens “protect” – I use that term loosely – a town called Palisade, along with four other groups. Everyone’s pretty fed up with the Queens, whose capacity for drunkenness and brawling appears legendary. When the mercenary groups are all sent on missions to keep Palisade safe, the Queens learn that they’ve all been set up, and set out to discover who’s behind the plot.

This is NOT a book for the kiddies – there’s glorious violence, profanity, sex and drug references, and outright hilarity for those of you who can take a joke. Roc Upchurch’s art is fantastic, giving a real personality to each of the characters, and his use of blood spatter is worthy of note. He also makes the Queens look like real women: they’re not Barbie dolls; hell, they’re not even Red Sonja (and you know how much I love my Red Sonja). They’re all built with realistic figures, and there’s not one boob-baring bikini in sight. These ladies wear leather and armor.

Kurtis J. Wiebe’s writing is hysterical, and accurate. They talk like real women do, yelling at one another and calling each other out on their crap, laughing about sex, and goading each other to great heights of mayhem. The dialogue, the banter, it’s all here, it’s fast-paced, and it’s just great.

I cannot accurately describe how much I loved reading Rat Queens – suffice to say that I’ve kicked myself for not getting in on this book sooner, and have already hit Comixology to make sure I don’t miss any further issues. The Rat Queens: Sass & Sorcery trade paperback collects issues 1-5; issue 6 starts a new story arc in May. You can be caught up and ready in no time! Volume 1 hit shelves on March 26th and is also available on Comixology.

Writer: Kurtis J. Wiebe
Artist: Roc Upchurch
Cover Artist (for TPB): Fiona Staples
Publisher: Image
Price: $9.99
Publisher: Image
On-Sale Date: March 26, 2014
ISBN: 978160706945450999
Diamond ID: JAN140555

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