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Agent Red #2 – Zenescope Delivers Yet Again!

Cover A by Edgar Salazar & Erick Arciniega

Cover A by Edgar Salazar & Erick Arciniega

Little Red Riding Hood isn’t so little anymore.  In fact, her name is Britney Waters a.k.a. Agent Red and she works for the government.  Agent Red is sent to protect a government-hired computer hacker known as Ditto who is ordered to hack the terrorist organization known as The Circle and their android, Eve. However, she must get through Alpha, an enhanced super soldier.  Alpha is ready to kill Agent Red when Avril intervenes.  Avril is a witch who’s coven was massacred by The Circle and she is out for revenge.  She decides to tag along with Red as both share a common enemy.  They must find Ditto as soon as possible before The Circle finds him first.

As always, Zenescope delivers a fun story yet again.  Lou Iovino gives us an exciting story which almost plays out like a cyber thriller as we see Ditto trying to hack The Circle while Red and Avril race against time to protect him from The Circle.  I like that the soldier’s name is Alpha because, to me, it makes subtle reference to the Big Bad Wolf.  He does not pose as Grandma but Red still has every reason to take him down.  Diego Galindo’s artwork is great and the characters are so lifelike and Grostieta’s colors make them jump off the page.  The scene with Eve killing the men in the holding cell was so creepy because the art and colors were so great.

RA - Cover B by Caio Cacau RA - Cover C by Michael Dooney Ivan Nunes RA - Cover D by Diego Galindo GROSTIETA

Cover B by Caio Cacau – Cover C by Michael Dooney & Ivan Nunes – Cover D by Diego Galindo & GROSTIETA

As long as Zenescope keeps making comics, I’ll be right here reading and reviewing them.  Their titles are not your average comics with superheroes and villains.  They take you into different worlds where anyone can be anything and you can’t always tell who’s the hero and who is the villain.   Zenescope use classic fairy tale characters in their comics–they reinvent them.  If you would like to read more about how Zenescope works, you can read my interview with writer Pat Shand here.  It’s a great read whether you are into Zenescope titles or not.

Red Agent #2
Written by Lou Iovino
Artwork by Diego Galindo
Colors by Grostieta
25 pages

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