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Agent Carter Recap/Review: “Snafu”



We’re near the end of Marvel’s Agent Carter as we now only have one more episode left.  It’s been a fun ride and a great alternative to Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  Agent Carter has been the perfect character for Marvel Studios to focus on and develop in a new way for their cinematic universe and the first season/ mini-series, or however you choose to view these past episodes, have provided fun for the whole family.  Hayley Atwell has been outstanding as the series lead and it’s been great seeing audiences and fans really latch onto the character of Peggy.  Tonight’s penultimate episode managed to flesh out the supporting cast and give us another thrilling episode that leaves us anticipating the final week.


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When we last left off the SSR had apprehended Peggy Carter and brought her in for questioning.  “Snafu” picks up right where last week ended and finds her being interrogated by Agents Sousa, Thompson, and Chief Dooley.  They blame her for the death of Spider Raymond, Leet Branis, and Agent Krzeminski.  The future isn’t looking bright for Agent Carter until Edwin Jarvis comically arrives with Howard Stark’s signed confession.  They all come to an agreement that won’t find Peggy charged, but will see her career with the SSR come to an end.  Chief Dooley doesn’t like the agreement as he finds Jarvis “repulsive.”  Afterwards, in private while still at the SSR, Jarvis notifies Peggy that the signed confession is a fiction he created.

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Later on, Peggy decides to make a confession after she spies Dr. Ivchenko sending a message in morse code by Chief Dooley’s window.  To solidify her trustworthiness, she opens up about everything including her own private investigation into Leviathan, the made up confession by Stark, and reveals that she took the sample of Steve Roger’s blood as she “wanted a second chance at keeping him safe.”  They believe her and Chief Dooley sends Agents Sousa and Thompson to investigate the building across the street.  Unfortunately, Dr. Ivchenko hypnotizes the Chief and is led to the SSR’s research lab which is where he finds Item #17.  Dr. Ivchenko (essentially revealed to be the Captain America villain Doctor Faustus) then has Dooley walk him to the elevator where they part ways.


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Meanwhile, back at the hotel across the street, the SSR agents encounter Dottie and most of them are quickly dispatched by the Red Room Academy member.  The only agent that actually manages to put up a fight is Agent Sousa, but Dottie manages to escape.  Agents Sousa and Thompson aren’t the only ones that have their hands full.  Agent Carter and Jarvis manage to escape their holding cell in a whimsical way.  After Jarvis hesitates to help break through the window with Peggy, they eventually crash the table through the glass.  Hayley Atwell and James D’Arcy have great chemistry with one another and their scenes together do a tremendous service to the show.  While Agent Carter has become darker in tone as it’s nearing the finale, you could always rely on the interplay of words and physical action between Atwell and D’Arcy.  Fans already know that we will be seeing Peggy in this year’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and “Ant-Man”, but one could only hope that this series won’t be the last time we see Edwin Jarvis in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

After our heroes manage to escape the room that Chief Dooley kept them in while unfortunately placed under the hypnosis of Ivchenko, they find the Chief locked in his office while strapped to a vest that Stark developed.  It’s an experimental vest meant to keep soldiers warm in extremely cold conditions, but the only flaw is that it draws its energy from an unstable and highly volatile source.  The key point is that once strapped in and locked, you can’t get out and it will explode.  Sadly,  Dooley reconciles with his fate and requests that the men relay his goodbyes to his family.  He also profoundly swallows his pride and specifically asks that Peggy stops Leviathan from whatever they have planned.  Chief Dooley looks at Agent Carter, says “attagirl” and then runs towards the window to leap out before he explodes.  The blast nearly takes out the office and blows out all the windows.  No one else is killed, but Peggy feels responsible for Chief Dooley’s death.  She blames herself for having led the SSR to Dr. Ivchenko and believes that she was played by Leviathan.

During the final closing moments, we see Dottie walk into a movie theater with the baby carriage she bought earlier in the episode.  She releases some sort of fumes and quietly leaves without alerting anyone else.  The theater erupts in garish violence and everyone in the audience eventually kills one another.  They all killed each other!

“Snafu” proved to be just that in tonight’s episode as the majority of what happened was all set in motion by the ineptitude of the SSR and their unwillingness to work with Peggy.  It was a well layered episode that also showed us the villainy of Leviathan, Ivchenko, and of just how deadly Red Room Academy members are.  It’s going to be difficult to part with Agent Carter once it’s over as each Tuesday has become a true highlight of the week.  I’ve seen it mentioned on the internet that Hayley Atwell and James D’Arcy are “national treasures” and I’d have to agree.  While the show is very entertaining, “Agent Carter” truly hinges on the charisma of its star and Hayley Atwell does a fantastic job.  She’s given us one of cinema and television’s greatest of characters and has not betrayed the qualities that make her so genuinely appealing.  James D’Arcy shares many of the same qualities that Atwell has as a natural performer.  He lights up each scene and his delivery is excellent.  The Marvel Cinematic Universe is well established and known for its moments of levity and D’Arcy is a great addition to the ever-growing family.


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Agent Carter is a five-star series and the episode of “Snafu” earned each one.  It was an hour of tension, unpredictability, excitement, and emotion as we lost one of the characters.  It was also an hour of Hayley Atwell and James D’Arcy and how could anyone say no to that?

Agent Carter airs on ABC, Tuesday nights at 9 PM ET.  Check your local listings.

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