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Afterlife With Archie #4 – The Horror Continues!


Afterlife With Archie #4: The Horror Continues! This is a truly great series for serious horror fans. This issue was gut-wrenching. The choices made, the horrors to endure. Somehow in making this comic they found the heart that most horror movies miss. I believe these people are hurting, I believe they’re afraid. This is one hell of a great book.

From Archie Comics:

Afterlife With Archie #4 - The Horror Continues!What happens when a nightmare goes from bad to worse?

The idyllic town of Riverdale, USA has been overrun by a horde of flesh-eating zombies, and everyman Archie Andrews is the world’s last hope. But is he enough?

The critically-acclaimed AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE continues its best-selling run with this fourth shocking installment of the ongoing horror series, presenting a zombie apocalypse in full, horrific swing. Will Archie be able to save those closest to him, including his parents? Will he succeed or end up like his undead pal, Jughead?

Featuring the all-star team of Harvey Award winning  writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Stephen King’s The Stand) and Eisner Award winning artist Francesco Francavilla (The Black Beetle), AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE #4 spins a cinematic horror tale that blends the iconic characters of Archie Comics and the heart-pounding elements of a Romero zombie film to create a modern, menacing and pulpy epic.

Brace yourself for the bloody, gut-wrenching fourth chapter of the “Escape from Riverdale” storyline and discover who makes it out alive and who ends up as Hot Dog’s mangled chew toy.

The end of the world is here… won’t you join us?


Afterlife With Archie #4
Writer: Sacasa, Roberto Aguirre
Artist: Francavilla, Francesco
Cover Artist: Francavilla, Francesco
On Sale March 05, 2014
Publisher Archie
Diamond Id: NOV130771
Format: COMIC
Price: $2.99
UPC: 76281606624200411

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Afterlife With Archie #4 - The Horror Continues!

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