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Adventures of Supergirl Debuts Cover Artwork!


Last month we learned of an “Adventures of Supergirl” Comic to Release  this January.  This week we now have a first look at the “Adventures of Supergirl” cover artwork by Cat Staggs.  Have a look below:


Artwork by Cat Staggs.

Reported first by The Hollywood Reporter, veteran Supergirl writer Sterling Gates is returning to one of his favorite DC Comics super heroes.  “I am beyond thrilled to be writing Supergirl again.  Supergirl is one of my all-time favorite characters — I think she’s one of DC’s best characters, period — and I was extremely honored when DC Comics and the producers of CBS’ hit television show asked me to write Adventures of Supergirl.  Greg Berlanti, Ali Adler and Andrew Kreisberg have created a unique and frankly brilliant take on Kara ‘Supergirl’ Danvers, and our comic will be an extension of their fantastic world.  Fans of the show can expect to see all their favorite Supergirl characters play a role in our massively action-packed 13-part story exploring the various facets of Supergirl’s life!”

“Adventures of Supergirl”, following the digital first and print second format that DC Comics started with “Adventures of Superman” and followed with “Sensation Comics”, will be the first series to not be printed on a monthly basis.  Instead, DC Comics plan on releasing the 13 chapter, bi-weekly series on Mondays with it eventually coming to print as a trade paperback on August 9th.  “Adventures of Supergirl” will debut January 25, 2016 and while it “won’t directly tie into the show”, the series will be set in the continuity of the CBS series starring Melissa Benoist.

As a fan of CBS’ Supergirl, I’m very excited to see this series get the DC Comics treatment.  DC have found success with their “Arrow: Season 2.5” and “The Flash: Season Zero” series so it’s only fitting they now turn their attention to Supergirl.  While I readily admit I haven’t read too much of Supergirl, other than the New 52 relaunch which I reviewed here, I’m looking forward to incorporating her into the series I regularly read.  While I am in the camp that supports print copies, I will be reading “Adventures of Supergirl” before it releases as a trade.

“Adventures of Supergirl” releases January 25th.  To find a comic store closest to you, please visit

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