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Review – Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake #1


Reviewing comics is the best thing I’ve done in a long time. Really, I get to talk/write about something I absolutely love, and hopefully people read it and not only enjoy what I’ve written but find some more comics to enjoy. That being said you occasionally get books that you just feel you can’t review. I enjoy the new(ish) adult cartoon popularity. I love The Venture Bros, I love Archer, Harvey Birdman and Aquateen Hungerforce are hysterical. I’ve tried but it just doesn’t resonate with me. So when Boom started sending out previews of their Adventure Time line I very politely passed. No reason to beat up a comic just because it isn’t my thing.

Well this month there was another A.T. preview and I sent out an email to my contributors asking if anyone wanted to cover it. The response I got was great, my go to Rosemary said she’d take a shot at it (cause she’s like that, take on any challenge!) and she probably would have if I hadn’t gotten a message from one of my less frequent (but still highly valued!) contributors Juan. He told me that Katie, his 14-year-old daughter would love to review it. So be it, said I! And a new comic journalist is born! Katie is not new to the spotlight though or to comic books, having appeared in the documentary Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines. So here it is Katie’s first (of many?) reviews at What’cha Reading!

A Review by Katie Pineda

When i went to Royal Collectibles last week, I was surprised and happy to see a new Adventure Time comic with Fionna and Cake! Fionna and Cake are the swap gender characters of Finn and Jake, the regular characters of Adventure Time.

 Fionna&Cake_01_preview_Page_02 Fionna&Cake_01_preview_Page_03 Fionna&Cake_01_preview_Page_04

They first appeared in the tv episode titled “Fionna and Cake” (naturally) where the Ice King wrote a fan fiction featuring all the Adventure Time Characters in their opposite gender. The characters grew popular in their own right as seen by the large amount of cosplay at comic con. I even dressed up as Fionna at New York Comic Con!

I thought the comic book was really funny and hilarious! The drawings look just like the tv show. My favorite part of the story was when Cake the Cat showed Fiona several swords she made so she can use them in battle including a cat litter sword. Which prompted Fionna to ask if there was poop in it. ” Why would I touch my own poo?” Replied Cake. This was one of many poop jokes that kept me laughing.

If you are a fan of Adventure Time, you HAVE to get this comic book! If you are new to Adventure Time, you should get the other comics with Finn and Jake or Marceline, the Vampire Queen to become familiar with the characters, or watch the TV show.

Fionna&Cake_01_preview_Page_06 Fionna&Cake_01_preview_Page_07 Fionna&Cake_01_preview_Page_08
Fionna&Cake_01_preview_Page_09 Fionna&Cake_01_preview_Page_10 Fionna&Cake_01_preview_Page_11

Katie’s sister Dee here: The back-up story at the end of the whole thing really caught me by surprise because holy heck I knew that art style–gingerhaze from tumblr woooah. (

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