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Advance Review: The Black Hood – Your Next Must Read!

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Image courtesy of Archie Comics. Cover by Francesco Francavilla.

hood6-pg01-fnlWe have made no secret about how much we love the titles Dark Circle Comics have been releasing.  This past year has seen an exciting reinterpretation of classic heroes and vigilantes such as The Fox and The Shield.  We’re fond of them both and now we’d like to turn our attention to the character that launched Dark Circle Comics current line – The Black Hood!  The current series, going into its 6th issue this coming week, retains every bit of grit and pulp that novelist Duane Swierczynski and artist Howard Chaykin have imbued the series with since its debut.

“Flor De Muerto”, considered a one-shot by Dark Circle Comics, takes disfigured cop Greg Hettinger off of the mean streets of Philly and brings him to a Southern California rehab clinic.  It’s an interesting creative choice to have Hettinger featured in an area that the reader isn’t accustomed to seeing him in.  It’s also creatively interesting considering how it’s a departure in artistic style for Howard Chaykin.  Despite the challenge, Chaykin rises to the occasion and delivers panel after panel filled with art worth spending time with.

hood6-pg02-fnl   hood6-pg04-rev

Dark Circle Comics have smartly assembled a diverse group of creators who have achieved something very different yet something immediately identifiable.  Their approach is not unlike the successful formula Marvel has with their cinematic universe of films.  Each title, be it The Black Hood or this week’s The Shield, both look different yet feel connected in some way.  In fact, the fluidity between titles and general cohesiveness led to a fan writing to the editors in regards to the crossing over of characters.  While we are currently unaware of any plans to cross over the heroes of Dark Circle Comics, it would be fun to see a team-up happen sooner rather than later, and to see that fan’s request come true.

Greg Hettinger is a much rougher hero than we’re accustomed to with Dark Circle’s other comic books.  It makes for a thrilling read and writer Duane Swierczynski understands character in an incredibly captivating way.  The Black Hood chapter six is not only a great place for new readers to get in on the ground floor for a completely legitimate must read title, but also to renew their love for comic books.


The Black Hood chapter six is a very adult tale and is not suitable for general readers in the way that The Fox was.  Featuring subject matter such as drug abuse and murder, Duane Swierczynski reminds us that the world that Greg Hettinger exists in is not all that different from our own.  At least, we don’t have to face the monsters.  That’s a job for…

The Black Hood.

The Black Hood chapter six gets five stars!  On sale October 28th!


Cover B variant by Howard Chaykin


Cover C variant by David Mack


Cover D variant by Greg Smallwood


“Flor de Muerto” After the soul-crushing events of “Bullet’s Kiss,” disfigured cop Greg Hettinger leaves Philly and checks into a Southern California rehab clinic. But a plane ride can’t separate Greg from his troubles. A fellow patient believes her former drug dealer (and lover) has sent someone to kill her, and it’s up to Greg to figure out which member of their circle is preparing to pull the trigger…
New to the dark, twisted world of The Black Hood? Then check yourself in for this thrilling one-shot from novelist Duane Swierczynski and superstar artist Howard Chaykin.

Script: Duane Swierczynski
Art: Howard Chaykin, Jesus Aburto, Rachel Deering
CVR A Reg: Francesco Francavilla
CVR B Variant: Howard Chaykin
CVR C Variant: David Mack
CVR D Variant: Greg Smallwood
On Sale Date: 10/28
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

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